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Written by Grant Cameron   
Wednesday, 11 July 2012 22:54

UFO Hocus Pocus: The Story of the Falcon 


Part of our intelligence process is to be involved in counterintelligence, to lead the enemy in another direction by providing those misdirecting dots. From the book Homeland Security and Intelligence

"Something does not make much sense here. Why would someone in Washington mount a disinformation effort if the only result is to confuse members of the UFO research community, which is a very small group without much influence over the public at large?" Researcher and Author Jacques Vallee

Cast of Characters

Bill Moore – Prominent author and UFO researcher in the 1980s. Moore wrote “The Roswell Incident” which put the 1947 Roswell UFO crash story on the map. Prior to the book no one in the UFO community had ever heard of the story. He released the now infamous MJ-12 documents (a document that purported to be a UFO briefing for then President-elect Dwight Eisenhower) to the UFO community with Jamie Shandera and Stanton Friedman.

Jamie Shandera – Shandera was Hollywood film producer who teamed up with Bill Moore to research and release the MJ-12 document. He was not a UFO researcher prior to teaming up with Moore. It was Shandera who received the MJ-12 document in the mail.

Stanton Friedman – The third member of the MJ-12 research team who played no part in the hocus pocus detailed below. When approached with the name of the Falcon he told me “never heard of the guy.”

The Aviary – When Moore and Shandera were operating with their many high level intelligence sources in the 1980s, they used bird names for each source so that they could talk on the phone about the sources without using their names. Thirty years later Moore and Shandera have still not disclosed which person represented each bird. Most of the birds were never aware of this bird naming game till years later, and few if any know which bird they were.

The Falcon – The Falcon was one of the two most important birds. Moore has now confirmed that he believed Falcon to be Harry Rositzke - a former high ranking CIA official who was brought out of retirement claiming to represent a group of government insiders who wanted the UFO story put into the public. Moore apparently never met Rositzke but calculated who he must have been.

Richard Doty – Acted as the Falcon to protect the identity of the real Falcon. Reported to be a Special Agent for Air Force Office of Special Investigations at Kirkland Air Force base, but may actually have been working not for AFOSI but for Air Force Intelligence according to a new claim.

Lee Graham – A technician working for Aerojet in a classified position who was chosen to leak the documents that Moore and Shandera were receiving from their intelligence sources.


Setting the Stage

In a lecture given in Las Vegas in 1989 researcher Bill Moore recounted how the story of the Falcon and how the document leaks began,

"In early September, 1980, I was approached by a well- placed individual within the intelligence community who claimed to be directly connected to a high-level project dealing with UFOs. This individual told me that he spoke for a small group of similar individuals who were uncomfortable with the government's continuing cover-up of the truth and indicated that he and his group would like to help me with my research into the subject in the hope and expectation that I might be able to help them find a way to change the prevailing policy and get the facts to the public without breaking any laws in the process. The man who acted as liaison between this group and myself was an Air Force Office of Special Investigations agent named Richard Doty.”

Most importantly, Falcon told Moore that the information he would receive on UFOs would not all be accurate. Some of it would be disinformation. It would be up to Moore to figure out what was true and what was false. Moore accepted the challenge.

The Moore/Falcon/Aviary story is a story that still fascinates UFO researchers thirty-two years after it first began. Many researchers, such as myself, spend a lot of time trying to figure out who each of the birds of the aviary are and what information they told Moore and Shandera. It is an example of a second level UFO cover-up which is very common in Ufology. Many researchers sit quietly in the background gathering pieces of the UFO story from government and intelligence stories. The information gathered, however, is not shared with the general public. It becomes like a second level cover-up where an individual or a group of individuals, like rich men hunting rare illegal wild game, have gathered some of the UFO secrets withheld from government for their own person enjoyment.

The story that Moore would be feed would later be called the UFO “Core story.” Three men dr. Kit Green, Hal Puthoff, and Jacques Vallee met to identify what they knew for sure about all the circulating UFO stories - they came up with the core story - that extraterrestrials have visited the earth, there was a crash and the government has had a lot of trouble back engineering the saucer technology, and at least one alien was a guest of the United Sates government. The main piece of information that Moore would be given that was new was the MJ-12 document which claimed to be a UFO briefing given to the President-elect Dwight Eisenhower.

Moore’s recalled in his Sept 30, 1989 “Focus” magazine that when his research partner Jamie Shandera first received the MJ-12 Eisenhower Presidential Briefing documents anonymously in the mail in 1984 he went to talk about the document with both Richard Doty and the Falcon. He wanted to know what to do.

According to Moore, Doty told him “find someone to show them to who would do a lot of talking about them to a lot of people. ‘Show them to this person,’ he said, ‘but be sure not to give him any copies. Let whoever it is talk all they want.’ …It sounded like a good idea and I decided to act on it. After carefully considering ‘candidates’ and discussing them with Rick and others including ‘Falcon’ himself, we settled on Lee Graham.”

And so Graham became the “Pigeon” of the infamous UFO aviary – the bird who would carry the message to the curious UFO research community. He was perfect for the job. Graham held nothing back. There were no secrets. He even took every document that Moore would leak to him to his security department at AeroJet where he worked under classification as a technician. Most of the documents got out but as Graham has confirmed to me there were other documents that he received from Moore that never saw the light of day.

Now let’s move ahead to a key incident that occurred between Moore and Graham that has important new Rositzkemeaning in light of the disclosure by researcher Greg Bishop in a June 30 presentation that the Falcon was Harry Rositzke, a former high level CIA official who died in 2002. The Falcon, the most powerful of all Bill Moore’s sources has remained secret until Bishop unraveled the secret almost thirty years later. Bishop had been friends with Bill Moore for many years, and had met with Moore many times.

The incident in question occurred at a restaurant where Moore and Graham met about once a month to talk about UFOs. In Lee Graham’s own words during the dinner, “Mr. Moore showed my wife and I an ID card with his picture that identified him as a Special Agent with the Air Force Office of Special Investigations (AFOSI).”[1]

The question immediately arises – why would a researcher like Bill Moore, who prided himself on conservative level-headed research suddenly break from the instruction he had been given by Falcon to suddenly show Graham a government ID regardless if it were real or a practical joke? Moore himself raised this point himself in a 1989 speech he gave to the MUFON symposium in Las Vegas where he read from a prepared text, “If I did, does it make sense that I would pull it out of my wallet and show it to Lee Graham — or any other UFO researcher, for that matter?”

It is a significant question. He would be risking the entire operation if he had decided to free-lance. Most importantly, as described above, Graham was picked for his pigeon aviary role because he was the one to carry the message. He would surely tell everyone about Bill flashing government identification.

If Moore knew that Graham would tell everyone, as he eventually did, the move must have been part of the plan initiated by the Falcon. Falcon had instructed Moore to show him the AFOSI identification. Graham would tell everyone, and everyone would think Moore was working for AFOSI. For decades - that is how history has recorded it – Moore worked for AFOSI. Moore himself world admit as much in his 1989 MUFO speech with the twist attached that he worked “with” AFOSI instead of “for”. Prior to that public admission Moore denied the charge especially to skeptic Phil Klass who pressed him on the issue. [2]

So why would the Falcon put Moore in the position of starting a rumor that he was working for AFOSI? Both Falcon and Moore knew that Moore would face accusations from other researchers because in the UFO community it is common to accuse other researchers of working for the government. Moore and Falcon, however, were actually planning to provide the guns and ammunition for the firing squad.

The answer is simple. Moore was working for Falcon and Falcon was CIA. Therefore Moore was working in a CIA operation and Falcon did not want that fact known. They wanted the UFO research community to believe that Moore was AFOSI to divert researchers down the wrong road. The idea was to misdirect the audience while you are busy doing something you need done.

Moore couldn’t admit he was working for AFOSI or his UFO career would be over. As history would show a rumor was enough to cause all researchers to focus on AFOSI.

To help direct all eyes towards the AFOSI Master Sergeant Richard Doty was brought in help and reinforce the misdirection towards the AFOSI and away from the real Falcon and the CIA. Doty became the second Falcon. He knew about Harry Rositzke and knew about the CIA operation. Doty’s Falcon performance would fool almost everyone in the UFO community, and there are some who will never believe there was a second Falcon. For them, Doty was, and always will be the Falcon.

Doty’s Falcon impersonation of Falcon began in 1983 when he called documentary film producer Linda Howe to Kirkland Air Force base. At the time Linda was doing a documentary for HBO on UFOs. She was a big name in Ufology packing lecture rooms wherever she went. He had risen to prominence in ufology after producing an Emmy award-winning documentary on cattle mutilation called “A Strange harvest.” Doty’s story to Howe was that he was going to help with the documentary providing actual footage of a landing of aliens at Holloman Air Force Base.

While in his office he showed Howe alleged presidential UFO briefing papers, and told her that her cattle mutilation documentary had upset the government. Then he threw out the bait. He told Linda that he was the Falcon.

Why tell Howe that he was the Falcon? Because, like Graham, Falcon and Moore knew they could rely on Linda to tell everyone what had happened. Linda held the secret for a while, but Doty and his AFOSI bosses never provided what they promised. Inspired by Doty’s appearance in connection with a hoaxed document a few years later Howe went public. Right in line with the plan, all researchers focused their attention on AFOSI.

Doty did many things to keep his name prominent in the UFO community but his biggest contribution to making AFOSI the focus of the UFO community was when he made his acting debut playing the Falcon on national television. It occurred on a documentary called “UFO Cover-Up Live” which played to a large live national audience. The UFO community sat on the edge of their seats watching, as the whole thing had been hyped as a major disclosure event. Doty was taped for the show, backlit and with his voice altered. That was for the audience. He talked about an alien that was a guest of the United States government. The alien he said liked Tibetan music and strawberry ice cream. It was all very secret and very dramatic.

The producer, however, was given Doty’s identity. He quickly talked and the story spread. Once again, as with Graham and Howe, the story got out quickly and all eyes turned to the AFOSI as the real Falcon had planned.

Bob Emenegger, an advertising executive whose story was featured as part of the documentary, had already discovered that Doty was going to be on. He phoned a contact he had in the CIA, and told them they better tune in and watch what this guy claiming to be an intelligence officer and that he would be claiming to expose the cover-up. He was told that the CIA would “stand down.” The next day, however, the head of counterintelligence would meet with Colonel Weaver and two men who have always been rumored to have been involved with UFOs at the CIA – Dr. Kit Green and Dr. Ronald Pandolfi. The discussion was the appearance of Doty playing the role of the Falcon the evening before.

It was important to keep the focus on the AFOSI and off the CIA. Later, after the plan had been completed, the story of the whole Moore Shandera and the MJ-12 documents was spun into a story where Moore, Doty, and AFOSI were simply trying to catch Soviet spies. Writers such as Greg Bishop, Mark Pilkington, and Christian P. Lambright wrote extensively about the Paul Bennewitz and the story of how AFOSI played on his belief in UFOs he claimed to be seeing around Kirkland Air Force Base to the point of driving him medically insane. Even though Bennewitz worked on the UFOs he was seeing for almost 23 years most of the disinformation theory discussion centers on a couple encounters Bennewitz had with AFOSI officials in the early 1980s.

Doty, who played a key role in the operation against Bennewitz, would be described as a Special Agent who specialized in disinformation. He came to be blamed for every bizarre UFO story leak on the internet. Later, it would be revealed that Doty was not even AFOSI. He was Air Force Intelligence. Most blamed Doty or a combination of Doty and Moore for the appearance of the MJ-12 document. Doty, however, was investigated by the FBI and cleared. He also passed a lie detector test as was pointed out by Kit Green to the CI Director of the CIA the day after UFO Cover-up – Live.

Bill Moore – A Spy for a Day

One of the ideas that have been advanced by a number of researchers is that the entire Moore/Shandera encounter with Falcon was nothing more than a Soviet sting operation and that nobody was really interested in UFOs. The UFO documents and stories were nothing more than bait for soviet spies intent on stealing military secrets and destroying the United States of America.

On the surface there is some evidence that points to part of what happened to Moore as spy games. As pointed out above Moore had worked for the CIA. He wrote and spoke Russian which would have made him an asset to the CIA Soviet intelligence and counter-intelligence units. He, however, was helping the CIA “catch Soviet spies” long before he ever got involved in the UFO subject.

The amount of Soviet spying that Moore did appears to be minimal however. If Richard Doty is to be believed he told research James Moseley that Moore had worked as an AFOSI a source or conduit, but he was "terminated" already in 1986.[3]His one claim to fame as a Soviet spy was passing the Aquarius document to Paul Bennewitz, a scientist who lived outside of and detected UFOs over the Monzano Nuclear Weapons Storage in New Mexico. According to Richard Doty Bennewitz was sticking his nose where it did not belong, and he had a friend who was a Soviet scientist. This supposedly made him a target for Soviet counter-intelligence and AFOSI made plans to neutralize Bennewitz.

Moore had passed the Aquarius document to Bennewitz knowing that it was phony. He wasn’t however a full time spy. It was one document which leads to the question of whether or not Rositzke was pulled from retirement by the CIA to pass one phony document to a scientist in New Mexico. Moore stated, and I believe him, that he never received any money for what he did for Falcon. His key interest was always to get at the information that would tell him how the UFO cover-up operated.

Moore was playing spy for a day. Lots of patriotic Americans play spy for a day. This type of thing happens often in paranoid military based countries like the United States where at times everyone is encouraged to report suspicious behavior and where all phone calls are monitored. One only has to look back at the McCarthy hearing is the 1950s to see illustrate the point.

Other researchers played spy according to Moore. He constantly, according to Doty, for example, insisted that John Schuessler was working for the CIA. According to Moore even the eminent J. Allen Hynek had played spy for a day. Where Moore had passed Bennewitz one phony UFO document, Moore claimed Hynek had provided Bennewitz with a computer with software to supposedly track the UFOs he was viewing. The whole setup didn’t in fact track UFOs. It was so that AFOSI could track what Bennewitz was doing.

This didn’t mean that Hynek was not a professor at Northwestern University or the head of the CUFOS organization studying UFOs. It didn’t mean that all his UFO work was done to catch Soviet spies. It simply meant that Hynek had made a tradeoff like Moore had done. Hynek would have been asking for UFO leads from intelligence people, and like Moore he would have to play spy for a day in exchange.

The theory that the MJ-12 document release had anything to do with catching Soviet would then have to consider Timothy Good in the United Kingdom as a spy for the day as well, because he is a big part of the story. He too had been leaked the MJ-12 document, and the fact that he was putting it in his book “UFOs: Above Top Secret” is the reason Moore and Shandera when public with the document in 1987.

The document had been received by Shandera in December 1984 and in 1987 they were still researching what was in the document. The Falcon came to Moore and said that they better put it out as it was about to be released in England. Here was a key document that someone was to be used to catch Soviet spies and the Moore/Shandera/Friedman team wouldn’t release it.

Add to this evidence produced by Lee Graham which showed seemed to support the gradual release theory. In May 1986, a year before the MJ-12 document was released by Moore author Timothy Good was in California to speak at a conference. Graham and his wife were invited to have dinner with Moore and Good at a restaurant in Tujunga, Calif. At dinner, Moore and Good made guarded quips about MJ-12. Later, Good ordered a carafe of wine. While eating Moore and Good made indirect comments about MJ-12. Good proposed a toast but didn’t explain why. Later he would find out from Moore that “the toast was for the simultaneous release of the MJ-12 document in England and the U.S."

In a May 1988 letter to Good, Graham stated that Moore had informed him that Good had been provided the document as a “controlled informant,” and his role was to release the document in England at the same time it was made public in the United States. Good wrote back confirming that Graham information was “accurate.”

Some researchers have mentioned that the Moore MJ-12 era was under the Republican Reagan administration right in the middle of the cold war with the Soviet Union. Looking at the UFO actions of the Reagan administration however there were only positive signposts to disclosure. Besides the open remarks made by Reagan related to UFOs, the best piece of evidence showing disclosure came from the story told by Robert Emenegger who with Allen Sandler had done the UFO documentary “UFOs Past Present, and Future” in 1974 with help from the Department of Defense.

As Emenegger tells the story in the first term of the Reagan administration (exactly when Moore was being courted by Falcon) Emenegger reported that he was contacted again by the Department of Defense to do another UFO documentary. He was told that the Defense Department had liked his first documentary and would like to try to put out another one. Emenegger immediately asked if this request was coming from Reagan, to which he didn’t get an answer.

The people who represented for the new government backed documentary were Bob Scott, the Director of the Defense Audio Visual Agency (DAVA), and his Deputy General Glenn Miller who had been Ronald Reagan’s first agent in Hollywood. The DAVA facility at Norton held all the military department film, and also had clean rooms where agencies like the CIA would do training filming.

J. Allen Hynek and Jacques Vallee were brought on board for the production. A number of meetings were held with Miller and Scott to plan what they would do. Emenegger and Hynek showed up for one meeting at DAVA and Miller told the DAVA Security Manager Paul Shartle to get all the UFO film out of the vault and give it to Hynek. Shartle refused saying that he needed a formal request which Miller wouldn’t give. The project fell apart when Hynek and Vallee pulled out fearing that they were being set up.

The Emenegger affair shows clearly that disclosure was the tone of the day. This extended to the late 80s when Emenegger received an offer to interview a live alien. Moore, Shandera, Howe, and UFO researcher writer Whitely Strieber were also offered an interview with the live alien. Years later Emenegger thought this aspect was all bunk evidenced by the fact that the interview never took place, so I asked him who had made the offer to him. He mentioned Paul Shartle.

Was Shartle reliable I asked? Emenegger answered in the affirmative, meaning that his offer was coming from someone who had been reliable in the past. That interview may have been set up by Col. Lane from AFOSI who was at Norton and involved in the second documentary. Emenegger stated he met with him a couple of times. Years later I was notified that Col. Lane golfed often with Doty’s father.

A key point that should be noted related to the Emenegger/Sandler documentaries is that like the Falcon/ Moore story, there was a CIA representative present during the entire production schedule for “UFOs, Past, Present, and Future.”

Not only did disclosure seem to be the order of the day the idea of catching Soviet spies with UFO stories and documents really didn’t make much sense. Beyond a couple stories about Moore being asked to watch someone or read a postcard or two over the phone, there was not much to support this huge Soviet counter-intelligence operation centering on UFO documents.

It did, however, provide a wonderful cover for the real operation that the government was operating. It also provided cooperation by instilling fear in a foreign enemy determined to destroy America. It was similar to the fear instilled in Americans with the claims years later of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. Building up the fear of a powerful foreign enemy also made it easier to get Moore to do things like he normally wouldn’t do like spy on fellow researchers and pass a fake UFO document Bennewitz.

The fear of Soviet spies being used as a cover was used at Area 51. One of the stories that Bob Lazar told many times was the story of his boss David Mariana taking him to the police station to get a license to carry a concealed gun. Lazar was given the story that the Soviets had been part of the back-engineering work at S-4, but after a breakthrough by the American scientists they had been kicked out. They were now on the streets of Las Vegas. One worker at S-4 hadn’t showed up for two days and officials feared the Soviets had the worker. Lazar would be required to carry a gun so that he couldn’t be kidnapped by the Soviet agents.

Although the Moore Falcon affair went on for almost ten years, no spies ever reportedly caught by the MJ-12 document or by spying on UFO researchers. That was probably because the Soviet spy stories were a cover and there was no plan to catch anyone, except by accident.

More importantly those UFO researchers who should have been part of any such Soviet flypaper plan were not only totally ignored but aided by the government. The two main researchers who fit this category were Lee Graham and his aviation enthusiast buddy John Andrews. Both played a role in the MJ-12 story and both were also interested in finding out what they could about the most advanced military aircraft that were being developed in the military black world. Graham who was fed every document Moore ever received, never reported being contacted by an Soviet agents.

Also important to the story is that neither Graham not Andrews reported being approached by anyone who might be passing information back to the Soviet Union. Graham was investigated twice by the Defense Investigative Service for his investigation related to the Stealth fighter but they found no Soviet connection. Andrews told Graham he had never been investigated and he wouldn’t be investigated.

The things that happened to Graham and Andrews showed that intelligence knew what they were doing but did nothing or even helped them. The actions were completely contrary to a concern that UFO enthusiasts were good bait for a Soviet trap. They were actually provided legitimate information on at least one classified black budget program.

The bizarre nature of the help they received is illustrated by two meeting that occurred on the same day in September 1987. Both Graham and Andrews were contacted on the same day about their interest in the still classified Stealth F-117. Both meetings also involved the subject of UFOs.

Andrews reported the details of his visit from Col. Hennessey, the head of security for Air Force Special Projects, in a letter to Graham. “He instructed to not use its (Stealth 117) ’F’ number nor its codename. He didn’t ask me how I had learned such things, and I didn’t offer. He opened the conversation saying, ‘I don’t know anything about UFOs.” Andrews continued, “‘Hennessey said ‘I won’t lie to you.’ But his comment about not knowing anything about UFOs was already a lie. He professed to not even know what NICAP was.”[4]

Graham’s meeting came in a visit at work from a 2- Star general from Air Force Headquarters who actually provided Graham with the still classified “Senior Trend” designation for the Stealth fighter and then got him to sign a certificate swearing him to secrecy. When shown the Snowbird UFO document (claiming that the US was test flying a UFO craft) that Moore had provided, General Kerby told Graham he would do what he wanted with it.

The biggest problem with the soviet spy theory was Moore himself. When Moore was first approached he believed that he was at the top of his field, and he might have been. Everyone that knew Moore would confirm that he had an ego and could be very arrogant. That is how Falcon first baited Moore to get involved with the CIA operation. It was only days after Moore’s best selling Roswell book was published. “You,” said Falcon, “are the only guy that knows what he is talking about.”

Moore would not have traded the chance to break the UFO cover-up to try and catch a Soviet spy or two for which he would be just an anonymous agent in the history books. Moore wanted the glory of being the guy that broke the UFO cover-up, and he got closer than any other research did or has since. Had Moore known for a second that his interaction with US intelligence was only about spies and not a chance to break the UFO cover-up he would have walked away – that is a guarantee.

Moore believed this was about someone on the inside helping him to get close to the truth. It was about being first and being the best.[5]

This is not to say that Moore didn’t work “with” as he defined it the AFOSI. It was this part of the Air Force after all, that despite the claim in 1969 that they had gotten out of the UFO business, was still busy gathering all the information they could on the subject. Moore was determined to break the cover-up and did take every opportunity he could to find out what the AFOSI had in terms of files, conclusions, and what higher levels they were sharing their files with.

It was this ego that destroyed him in the end. After his speech in Las Vegas describing what he had done with intelligence his reputation was gone. He was looked down on my all but a few researchers. No longer the star of the UFO world he left the field with a final declaration of ego and arrogance. He declared that he had gone as far as anyone was going to get with the UFO cover-up. It was a waste of time for anyone else to try. After a couple more years of trying to get to the heart of the UFO cover-up he left saying that he was going on to do other things.


Does this mean that Moore was a “bad apple” and someone out to deceive the UFO research community? Absolutely not. Moore was simply following a play book that had appeared to be set up to disclose certain details of the UFO cover-up, while preventing the whole plan of disclosure from spiraling out of control.

It was similar to President Jimmy Carter writing in his diary that a psychic in the remote viewing program had helped U.S. intelligence find a two engine American plane in Africa. The plane was actually a TU-22 Soviet supersonic bomber that had been converted to an intelligence collecting aircraft. U.S. intelligence was desperate to recover the plane and uncover the secrets it held, but Carter couldn’t tell that to the public.

Moore had been approached twice by the Falcon only days after his book “The Roswell Incident” was released. As Moore described it, "In early September, 1980, I was approached by a well placed individual in the intelligence community who claimed to be directly connected to a high level government project dealing with UFOs. This individual, who subsequently came to be known as" The Falcon", told me that he spoke for a small group of similar individuals who were uncomfortable with the government's continuing cover-up."

At that point Moore made a decision to “play the game” in order to obtain information on UFOs that had been covered up by the government. In order to do that he had to use deception as this is used in every intelligence operation. “I had practiced an occasional deception now and again over the years,” Moore would write when the operation had ended, “in order to protect the integrity of our project.”[6]

The plan was always to disclose UFO information, and Moore stated correctly that he could have walked away from the operation any time he wished. He didn’t walk away till 1989, so it is apparent that he still believed in the promise that Falcon had made in 1980. The fact that he was not being paid for it which supports the fact that the end result was a disclosure operation. If the main purpose of the operation was trying to catch Soviet spies, it would make sense that they would pay him like every other spy gets his pay check.

This is not to say that U.S. intelligence didn’t catch some poor Soviet agent interested in advanced American Air Force technology. If there was someone captured it was never made public. Moreover, if there were such a Soviet agent he couldn’t have been too smart because he bought into documents that most people in the UFO community declared as hoaxes almost from day one.

Why Moore?

The question could asked - why would Falcon would approach Moore? If the CIA wanted to catch Soviet spies surely they would have used an operational spy, as opposed to Moore who was writer and former school teacher. Are we to believe they were short on spies in 1980? Moore stated that Rositzke had been brought out of retirement to run the operation. Were they short on people to run Soviet counter-intelligence operations?

The idea that someone high up wanted UFO information to be leaked to the public made more sense. Moore had just published a book (together with Charles Berlitz who spent many years as an Army Intelligence agent working for the OSS, which later became the CIA[7]) detailing the hard data about the UFO crash at Roswell New Mexico, he showed himself to be a candidate who could do the job that was required. Falcon, representing a group of high level intelligence people that may have included Richard Helms and James Angleton, were impressed what Moore had done and had made the decision to use Moore to get out more secret UFO information to the public. ‘You are,” Falcon told him on the phone, “the only one who knows what he is talking about.”

This first encounter led to Moore being provided a lot of information on the group MJ-12 which now has much Goosesupporting evidence. He was given the “core UFO story” that is now a stable part of many UFO researchers evaluation of the cover-up. Moore was even flown to Area 51 where he reported on a strange seemless craft nicknamed the goose that he witnessed take off. All these actions seemed like information rather than disinformation loading.(See Moore hand drawing to the right)

Secondly, Moore was approached because he may have had more than a passing interest in the CIA. In a December 24, 1988 telephone interview with me Bill Steinman told me about Moore and the CIA. According to Steinman in the 1982/83 period Bill Moore would be on the phone with him almost every second day. They were very close. Steinman had come across a lead about Dr. Eric Wang who had been the head of the Special Studies Department at Wright Patterson Air Force Base where he was rumored to have played a major role in back-engineering recovered UFOs. The section was moved to Kirkland Air Force Base Sandia Labs in New Mexico and Wang died in 1960.

When Steinman learned of this he did research and found Dr. Wang’s wife. He phoned her and Mrs. Wang confirmed that her husband had been he husbands work, but that his papers had been taken after he died, and that if Steinman wanted to know more he should talk to Dr. Henry Kissinger who was in charge of the program.

Two days after the conversation with Mrs. Wang Bill Moore suddenly phoned up and asked why Steinman was he was bugging Mrs. Wang. Understandably Steinman in turn asked Moore how he knew that there had even been a conversation with Mrs. Wang. Moore replied he had “intelligence sources.” Moore asked whether Steinman had talked to Dorothy at the Library (turned out to be Dorothy McKimmon at Kirkland at the Kirkland Air Force Base Library) Moore then began to recount very parts of the conversation between Steinman and Mrs. Wang which caused Steinman to demand how he had access to all this. Moore told Steinman to come over the next night and he would tell him. According to my notes of my call to Steinman this is what Moore told him.

‘While Moore was at University, the CIA was recruiting on American campuses. Moore was approached by the CIA to work for them. Moore told Steinman that he didn’t want to work for the CIA but he did do some ‘footwork’ for them, and ‘wrote a couple of reports’ for the CIA. When Moore became a research writer he renewed the ties he had with the CIA, and in Moore’s words ‘he is using the CIA.’ He claims this is how he got access to the deep throat sources.”

Why Shandera

Many have always wondered how Jamie Shandera became the guy who got the MJ-12 documents in his mailbox in the winter of 1984. Shandera was quiet, unknown, and not even a UFO researcher. Well it turns out Shandera like Moore and Flacon had ties to the CIA. This revelation came from Moore himself in a radio interview hosted by Greg Bishop. As Moore described the Shandera-CIA connection, “We were in a meeting with some CIA people and others. After it ended, we were standing around talking, and one of the agency guys looked at me and said “You’re new here, but you [pointing at Shandera] we’ve known about for awhile.”[8]

So in the end the entire MJ-12 affair appeared to be what Moore first described it as – an operation by some element of the government to get information into the UFO community. Falcon claimed to be the head of the group wanting the information out, but couldn’t have been even if Moore thought he was. Moore told Bishop that Rositzke had been called out of retirement to conduct the operation of leaking the MJ-12, Snowbird and Aquarius documents.

However, the plan had already been hatched. Only at that point was Rositzke brought in to execute the plan. Therefore the idea for the operation and the initial direction to Rositzke came from a higher level. Falcon had a boss.

One possible candidate for bringing Rositzke into the UFO game is Richard Helms who outranked Rositzke being a former Director of the CIA. Helms had at least a couple stories about him which place him in the game to disclose UFO material. One is the often quoted line that he reportedly gave Dr. Kit Green saying, "Always believe what Richard Doty tells you about UFOs."  If true this indicates that Doty may not have been quite the bad-boy disinformation specialist he has been painted by many, and that his job may have had as much to do with UFOs as catching Soviet spies. It also clearly shows that Helms was aware of Doty and thus the related Bill Moore story. Doty was after all supposedly just a lowly Master Sergeant at Kirkland Air Force Base, someone who should not be the topic of conversation from an ex-CIA Director.

The more dramatic evidence that indicates Helms may have been a part of the plan to disclose key UFO facts to the Moore/Shandera team as well as other researchers such as Don Berliner and Timothy Good comes from a forwarded message passed to Gary Bekkum’s Starstream Research group from what Bekkum considered a reliable source. The person in question was part of a three-man team. He wrote about his encounters with Helms and UFOs, describing being contacted almost the same way that Moore claimed he had been contacted by Falcon. Helms had contacted the team of three to discuss how to best promote government disclosure of the alleged extraterrestrial core story.

 “Why he contacted me,” the one team member wrote, “and wanted to meet with me privately at the National Research Council, and was so unambiguous confuses me. I did not get the impression he did so because he was using me, indeed, he was insistent on privacy… "I am not prepared to repeat what he said to me before that, because I am uncertain as to his mental state -- he seemed intact, but the subject was, after all quite crazy -- he required secrecy, and he never said I would be released from it –the Core Story (explained later in the article) he claimed was true is the same we have heard.”[9]

Another possibility for someone superior to Rositzke, running a UFO disclosure operation, is a certain senior official in the Defense Intelligence Agency. The search for the Falcon over the last 30 years has been taken on by many high level people. One group had verbal confirmation that the person who leaked the MJ-12 document was a high level DIA official. (whose name I was given and who is still alive)

The scenario for this story is that this Admiral got a hold of James Angleton's old Soviet disinformation documents which included the famed MJ-12 documents. The documents created in the 1960s were produced by Angleton's shop to track information handling inside the Soviet Union. The Admiral leaked them to Shandera and Moore (S&M) as an experimental test of UFO disclosure, or recruited Rositzke to do the job.

Leaking the Core Story

Considering all the evidence available related to all the events, the theory that best explains what happened is that some high level intelligence group, with access to all the UFO evidence that has been collected, chose to release some of the evidence. This evidence is the basic UFO core story. Importantly, as Falcon said when he first approached Moore the plan was to “get the facts to the public without breaking any laws in the process”

The real material is released by hiding it in fictional stories from anonymous sources to researchers, by putting out documents that appear legitimate but are a mixture of real and false information. The whole process is very much like fictional books put up by former CIA agents who weave the truth of what happened into a fictional tale. In this way the reader is never certain which parts of the story were true, and classified material is protected. The release occurs without breaking the law.

The alternative is a book that says “we know what UFOs are, we had an alien captive, we recovered a number of ET crafts, people have been abducted by the aliens, and we had to kill a few people to cover the secret along the way. That is not an option, as no one wants to be dragged through the street by an angry mob like Gadaffi. A fictional book is a much better idea.

Some researchers would say that these information/disinformation leaks are meant to damage the UFO community and that all we can use are legitimate verifiable leaks from verifiable sources. I would answer that these types of verifiable stories are rare. The UFO subject is the highest classified secret in the United States, and that people who tell such stories are violating their security oaths. The government throws those kind of people in jail for treason, so it would make sense there aren’t a lot of them still on the street telling stories they shouldn’t be telling.

Dr. Kit Green was a Senior Division Analyst with the Office of Scientific and Weapons Intelligence from 1969 to 1983 and who was also rumored to have run the “UFO desk” at the CIA, and the person who was rumored to have briefed Presidents on the subject. Bill Moore described Green as “a person close to the President of the United States, capable of checking on information to determine its reliability."

Green described the core story this way. “Simply put, the core story is this: ‘The ETs came here, maybe once, maybe a few times. Either through accident or by design, the US government acquired one of their craft. The only problem was that the physics that powered the craft were so advanced that for decades we humans have struggled to understand it or replicate it.”[10]

This core is presented in a cloud of disinformation. This helps to prevent the disclosure from spiraling out of control. It is in fact quite similar to fictional books written by former CIA agents based on true events.

Green described how this gradual UFO disclosure might work.

“If something really strange in the area of UFOs is true, then what do we do about conveying that information to the public? First we must consider what may be the basic facts if you were to give them the core story right off the bat, they’d get sick, so you do it slowly over ten or twenty years. You put out a bunch of movies, a bunch of books, a bunch of stories, a bunch of Internet memes about reptilian aliens eating our children, about the crazy stuff we’ve see recently in Serpo. Then one day you say. “Hey, all that stuff is nonsense, relax, it’s not that bad, you don’t have to worry, the reality is this” and then you give them the real story.”[11]

This makes total sense and is pretty much what Moore was told. Falcon told him he was going to be leaked certain documents and stories. He was warned that not all of it would be true. Some of it would be disinformation. Some of it would be true. Moore and Shandera would have to figure it out for themselves.

Final Observations

With all this said we are reminded that nothing in Ufology is simple. The intelligence agencies that have dealt with the phenomena have also covered their tracks with various misdirections. Even high level intelligence people who have been tasked to work on the UFO problem indicate that even they feel that they are being cut out of the loop by some unknown group in control. In an e-mail, for example, obtained by Starstream Research sourced from an associate of Richard Helms, the former Director of Intelligence confirmed knowledge of the existence of the "core (UFO) story," adding something to the effect of, "You do not have need to know and neither do I."[12]

Gus Russo, a Pulitzer Prize nominated author and researcher interviewed many of these “insiders” and concluded, "Summing it all up, there is certainly a very small percentage of government officials with intelligence clearance -- some active, some retired -- who are interested in the UFO research community, if not UFOs themselves. Some of these men are of the impression, rightly or wrongly, that a very few individuals in government and the private sector are keeping the big secret even from them.”[13]

In the UFO world it appears that the government insiders might themselves be outsiders.

Bill Moore has been out of the field for two decades and still the game of leaks related to MJ-12, the UFO cover-up, and Roswell goes on. Are they still trying to catch Russian spies as the AFOSI cover story claimed, or is a gradual disclosure of the UFO cover-up still under way? Prime examples of leaks information/disinformation that have continued since Moore and Rositzke left the playing field include;

  • Starting in 1991 CIA scientist Ronald Pandolfi began to use Dan T. Smith -- the son of the late presidential advisor to President Eisenhower to pass information into the UFO community. This parade of information began by hinting that there was a live alien at Los Alamos. Pandolfi told Smith that the President does not have a “need to know” about UFOs, but that 28 government officers have been given an official briefing on the visitation. Pandolfi even revisited the AFOSI “catching Soviet spies” theory by saying that some of the material in the MJ-12 documents was classified and had been passed to the KGB.[14]  Pandolfi even asked Smith to spread the rumor that the Falcon was Col. Barry Hennessey who was head of security for Air Force Special Projects.[15]
  • Also in 1991 New York Times reporter Howard Blum reports that "a senior official at the National Security Agency" gives him a strange lead. The official was helping him with a book he was doing at the time about the Walker spy case. The lead was "there’s been a lot of talk around the NSA about outer space. Weird stuff. UFOs. Heard they got some kind of all-star working group or something. A panel of hotshots zeroing in on UFOs. Going to get the truth at last."

    The story turns out to be true, and Blum publishes a book about the group. The group turns out to be a Top Secret SCI group under the auspices of the Energy Department, known as the Advanced Physics Theoretical Working Group. It was headed up by Army Col. John Alexander, set up to look into UFOs. The Blum version turns out to be a fictionalized (information/disinformation) version of the real meetings which took place starting in 1985.

  • From 1992 -1999 thousands of pages of leaked documents were leaked from various sources such as a Counter Intelligence Corps officer calling himself Thomas Cryll "Cy" Cantwheel, his daughter Salina, a CIA Archivist, a CIA FOIA reply, S-1, S-2 leaked a series of UFO related documents that were collected together by Robert Wood and his son Ryan into a collection called the new MJ-12 documents.
  • In March 1994 research Don Berliner received the 23 page “Som-101:Extraterrestrial Entities and Technology, Recovery and Disposal” document.
  • A Colonel friend of Former CIA Director William Colby approached Dr. Steven Greer at CSETI in the mid-90s. A message was sent from Colby that it was time to end the secrecy on the covert operations that had covered up the UFO secrecy. A meeting was set up in April 1996 where Colby and Greer were to talk. The week they were to meet Colby was found dead in a mysterious canoeing accident.
  • In November 2005 and continuing to the present anonymous source e-mails started to appear on the internet claiming to be a retired official of the US government. The information told the story of a top secret exchange program of twelve US military personnel to planet "Serpo", a planet in the Zeta Reticuli star system, between the years 1965-78. To almost everyone in the UFO community whole story was badly written fiction. Kit Green, however, told author Mark Pilkington, “There are certain facts in there, certain references in there that prevent me from being able to reject the material out of hand, even if the story that it’s telling is not patently true.” The SERPO material Green suggested “might have served a purpose to someone, somewhere, perhaps conveying information in a heavily codified form.” He reminded Pilkington that SERPO had caught the attention of some of the senior players in the defense intelligence field – perhaps some of the most senior players.”[16] (I can confirm this as one high level person contacted me about the SERPO material) The SERPO material might have been a way to make classified material public by a retired spy writing a fictional spy novel as mentioned above.
  •  Bestselling author James Bamford’s latest book “The Shadow Factory” has carefully hidden on the front Top Secret_MJ-12cover a classification stamp – “Top Secret – MJ-12.” Bamford is perhaps the top American author and journalist on the United States Intelligence Agencies, especially the National Security Agency which has long been rumored to be a major player in the UFO cover-up. When asked how “Top Secret/ MJ-12” ended up on the front cover of his book, which had nothing to do with UFOs, Bamford replied that he had no idea.
  • Chase Brandon – On June 23 ,2012, while being interviewed on the nation-wide radio show Coast chase brandonto Coast AM, Chase Brandon, a former CIA covert operations officer and later the Entertainment Industry Liaison Officer for the CIA, made extraordinary claims about the so-called “Roswell incident,” declaring: “I also absolutely know as I sit here talking to you that there was a craft from beyond this world that crashed at Roswell, that the military picked up remains of not just the wreckage, but cadavers.” Brandon then recounted an occasion when he saw direct proof of the alien nature of Roswell within the CIA’s own Historical Intelligence Collection (HIC).

Brandon was checked out by various researchers and reporters and the results of these investigations showed that Brandon was “the real deal.” Robbie Graham and presents volumes of evidence that Brandon was an official with the CIA which immediately leads to the question of whether or not he had CIA authorization to appear on Coast to Coast and to make the clear statement that Roswell was the crash of an extraterrestrial spacecraft.

See Article on Brandon written by Robbie Graham and Matthew Alford Ph.D.

In reply to a letter of inquiry drafted by Robbie Graham the CIA Public Affairs officer Ian Tuttle replied, “Off the record, we will look into your questions and get back to you as quickly as possible.”

In order to “look into the questions” there is little doubt that the CIA would have talked to Brandon regarding what he had said. They would need to ask him exactly where in the vault he saw the material.

Assuming that they did, it is now quite certain that the Roswell leak is coming from the CIA and not Brandon. The reason for this is that two weeks after talking about the secret Roswell files he saw, and after the CIA would have talked to him, Brandon talked again.

This time he talked to Lee Speigal at the Huffington Post and added new details to what he had said on Coast To Coast AM (at the same time Brandon avoided answering follow-up questions from one researcher who had been talking to him about the Roswell story earlier). The CIA had approved of what he said and green lighted another interview with the Huffington Post, which had a large circulation and could get the message out.

If this is not enough evidence to convince the reader about Brandon, stay tuned, as he is about to speak some more. You have not read the last. Meanwhile the CIA took the predicted out. They had “found nothing in the Agency’s holdings to corroborate Mr. Brandon’s specific claims.” Reporter Billy Cox got the HIC archivist Hayden Peake declined to provide additional information saying, “My comments are all in that statement released today.”

The list of UFO leaks since Moore left the field shows clearly that the Falcon story is only a small part of a much bigger more complex story.

The pattern is always the same – put out the UFO story (what Jacques Vallee called the “dangling carrot”)  – pull it back – then when questioned claim ignorance and refer to the standard government statement – the government is out of the UFO business and there is no cover-up.

The question must be asked – Are all these UFO stories a counterintelligence effort to catch members of al-Qaeda who have replaced the Soviets as the prime enemy of the United States, or a continuation of an apparent UFO disclosure plan?

Confused? I think that’s also a part of the plan.

The investigation continues.

Grant Cameron

[1] Lee Graham MDR Request to the Air Force January 17, 2011

[2] Moore was challenged by many including the main UFO skeptic of the 1980s Phil Klass. In explaining what happened Moore was quite deceptive and yet kept the rumor alive. He told Klass in a March 31, 1987 letter that the only thing he had showed Graham was a press pass. The idea about being an “investigator for the Air Force” came from a paranoid conversation. Moore told Klass he had talked with Graham “about the possibility of government secret agents infiltrating the UFO community and disseminating disinformation. I replied that I had no direct evidence of any such process, but if in fact there were such people then anyone might be one of them. I then said something to the effect that, “who knows Lee; I might even be one myself.’ Then, in an offhanded manner, I flipped open my wallet to some random glassine window (probably my MUFON ID card, which has a picture on it –I really can’t recall what it was) and said, ‘See…I’ve got my secret agent’s I.D. right here.’ Apparently Lee took the joke all too seriously…the matter about the AFOSI probably has some similar origin, although I cannot imagine just now how that might have been. Needless to say, I would have been deeply honored by such an approach if it had happened, but I certainly wouldn’t have apprised Lee Graham about such a situation.”

[4] Letter – John Andrews to Lee Graham September 16, 1987

[5] A prime example of this is Phil Klass’s recounting of the battle between Moore and Good to be the first to release the MJ-12 document. Klass wrote, “With Good’s book scheduled for publication in July, Moore could be the first to reveal MJ-12 papers in mid-June and Good’s book would soon follow to provide independent corroboration. However, Good’s publisher decided to hold a press conference on May 29 and to feature the book’s MJ-12 papers. Apparently, Good did not inform Moore of this until a few days before the London conference. Moore was running late in getting out the next issue of FOCUS, dated April 30, 1987, partially due to work associated with his upcoming UFO conference. But he managed to release the MJ-12 papers to the U.S. media on May 28—one day before Good.” See

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