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Written by Grant Cameron   
Thursday, 20 August 2009 22:56

I have known Billy Cox since 1988 after finding a letter at the National Archives written by Cox requesting information on what the archives knew about the MJ-12 documents that had been released at the 1987 MUFON National Convention in Washington D.C.

Seeing a reporter that was actually looking for the facts as opposed writing a tongue-in-cheek article on the subject, I wrote Billy Cox about our contact with former Penn State President Dr. Eric Walker. I asked Billy to follow up on what we had discovered.

Billy responded quickly stating he would look at the case, and it would treat it fairly. He warned however, that if we were trying to pull one, he would expose me and my co-author T. Scott Crain.

We have been in contact on the subject of UFOs ever since. My best wishes to Billy on his battle with cancer. He has been the best media friend ufology could ever hope for.

PRG Salutes Billy Cox



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