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Written by Elaine Douglass   
Tuesday, 12 February 2008 06:00

To:            The UFO Community
From:        Elaine Douglass  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Date:         Feb. 12, 2008
Re:            According to their horoscopes, Who is more likely to end the UFO cover up? Obama, Hillary or McCain?
Quite a few emails have been showing up at my desk claiming one or another of the Presidential candidates is an agent of change, will embrace the "Star Visitors," will tell the American people the truth about UFOs, and will end the government coverup. I even got an email claiming one of the candidates is a "Star Child."
I've been an astrologer for almost 40 years, so I thought to consult the "chart of birth" of the 3 candidates and see what I could learn about whether Barak Obama, Hillary Clinton, or John McCain is more likely to end the UFO cover up.
Barak Obama  As a sun-sign Leo, born with the sun high in the sky, Obama's driver is the need for personal recognition.  Obama's Leo sun is in an adverse relationship to Neptune in Scorpio. That means he is highly idealistic, easily led, and gets lost in the underworld. Another notable feature in Obama's chart is Mars in Virgo in a good relationship with Saturn in Capricorn. This means his energy is disciplined, his initiatives will be cautious, and he has an excellent relationship with "the establishment."  Obama's rising sign is Libra, so he is conciliatory, diplomatic and strives for consenses.
If Barak becomes president, he will not lead the country into war because his Mars is disciplined and practical. With lots of planets in earth signs, his emphasis will be on the the industrial base of the US economy, and he will turn to the powers that be to see if he can build a consensus among them to revitalize the manufacturing and business base of the country.  Is he an "agent of change"? No. For example, the planets Pluto and Uranus (change planets) are not prominent in his chart of birth.  Obama wants stability. His motto is, "Can't we all get along?"  He does not always have a great sense of direction outside the advice and counsel of older, experienced players.  As for the UFO cover up, Obama is not comfortable in the underworld. He will not be the master of it, nor does he have an interest in "weird" things, like UFOs. 
Hillary Clinton  As a sun-sign Libra-Scorpio, Hillary, like Obama, strives for harmony, but she also wants power. Obama wants recognition, but Hillary would rather have power.  Where Obama's sun is tied to idealistic Neptune, Hillary's sun is in a close relationship to Uranus, the planet of reform.  Her rising sign is Cancer, which means she sees herself as the mother of us all.  Her moon in Pisces-Aries is tied to Jupiter, as is Obama's.  This gives both of them a certain benevolent paternalism.  Hillary really does want to take care of the American people. Another notable feature in Hillary's chart is a tight set of squares (planets in adverse relationship) in Scorpio and Leo.  This is the hard side of Hillary that people notice, and it is also a seat of great determination.  In a chart, emphasis on Scorpio, and Pluto (Scorpio's ruling planet) creates involvement in finance, in secrets, in what lies below the surface. This is a realm Hillary Clinton does not shy from; she is not intimidated by the UFO coverup or any other aspect of the intelligence community. As president, she would make extensive use of intelligence, unlike Obama, who will not. I cannot say that if Hillary becomes president, she will tell the American people about UFOs and the cover up, but it will not be a secret from her.
Whoever becomes president will have to spend a great deal of time on the US economy.  Where Obama's emphasis will be on building the industrial base, Hillary's will be on the reform of finance.  We have all heard about the largely unregulated complex financial instruments which are playing a role in the current problems of our economy.  This is where Hillary will turn her attention since she has the kind of mind that can understand finance and money. Both Obama and Hillary have the ability to make positive improvement in the economy, and their emphasis will be different. Obama is more elemental; he is a physical guy who will want to build up manufacturing and infrastructure.  Hillary will look at the financial superstructure and she will reform it.
Additional on Barak Obama  A lot has been said about a "co-presidency" in connection with Clinton. What has not been noticed in that context is Michelle Obama, Barak's wife.  The days of meek presidential wives, such as Maimi Eisenhower and Pat Nixon, are over. It appears to me that Michelle, who is a lawyer, is exceedingly important to Barak and deeply involved in everything he does.  Although people are not aware of this yet, to vote for Obama is to get Michelle and Barak--a co-presidency.  So what emphases does Michelle bring? Michelle is a sun sign Capricorn, an earth sign. Her driver is respectability, tradition, caution and respect for authority. All told, she brings 4 earth-sign planets to the mix, which complement and expand Obama's 3-4 earth planets.  Michelle and Barak are very physical people.  They will build bridges and roads and steel mills and energy facilities and they will create new federal administrative agencies.  Health care? Maybe. Fundamental change? Naw. The Obamas want to join the power structure, not change it.  UFOs? Never. Michelle Obama would never permit her husband to get involved with anything as strange and potentially destabilizing as UFOs and the UFO coverup.
Additional on Hillary Clinton  Hillary is equipped to take on the problem of the black budget.  The emphasis on Scorpio and Pluto in her chart makes her interested in all aspects of the flow of money and how it is accounted for. She serves on the Senate Armed Services Committee and has heard about the trillions  missing from the Pentagon.  She will try to get to the bottom of it. In addition, I mentioned Hillary's sun is in favorable relation with the planet Uranus. This means she is comfortable with science, technology, future-thinking, and "the unusual." The same cannot be said of the Obamas.
John McCain is another physical character, with 5 planets in earth sign, including sun and moon.  McCain's sun lies in Virgo in strong relation to the planet Uranus in Taurus.  This means McCain's driver is the desire to get it right and he is willing to overturn settled conditions to do so.  Uranus wants to break things up.  With Uranus involved, McCain, like Hillary, is a reformer, but look further and we see a radical, even reckless streak in McCain. This is based on Uranus in difficult relationship to Mars.  Of the 3 candidates, McCain would be the biggest change-maker. On the other hand, we notice McCain's moon in Capricorn in favorable relation to Venus in Virgo. This figure is stable, conservative, authority-respecting, tradition-loving. Thus we see divergent tendencies in John McCain, just as we do in Obama. Obama is on the one hand unrealistic, on the other quite realistic. McCain is both radical and traditional. This suggest if McCain attains the reins of power he could turn out to be a radical conservative.
Additional on John McCain  If he were president, what would McCain emphasize? The material world. He wants to set things right  (Virgo) in how we do business in America and he's willing to break things to reach his goal. So far,  we know about is his deep concern with federal spending. Rest assured he will radically alter that. His chart tells me that after McCain finishes radically altering federal spending, he will turn to other sectors of the economy and radically alter them.  Consistent with his horoscope would be that McCain tries to alter property relationships in the United States; for example, he might be a trust-buster who breaks up big corporations, or he may try to redress the growing gap between rich and poor in this country. We would like to predict what McCain might do, but all we can predict with certainty is he is unpredictable. That is the nature of the planet Uranus, which figures so prominently in McCain's chart.  Unnervingly, even he could not predict what he will do because it is in the nature of Uranus to strike like a lightening bolt from the blue. Another thing we should understand about McCain is he is not compassionate.  Both Obama and Hillary are far, far more caring than is John McCain. Not outside the parameters of what can be read in McCain's chart is he will dose the US economy with bitter medicine--give us the "IMF shock treatment" where economic hardship is seen as necessary to bring a market economy into balance.
Would McCain take the country into more war? The US has no money for more war, but if it weren't for that, he might, because the planet Mars in McCain's chart is fully liberated.  It is beautifully placed in Leo, beautifully placed in relation to expansive Jupiter, and dangerously placed in relation to unpredictable Uranus.  McCain has an exhuberant martial spirit. He will relish being commander-in-chief, will have an energetic foreign policy, and I'm sorry to say he's a bit trigger happy.  If he is not constrained by lack of money, McCain would like to fight the war on terror with armies, navies and air forces, and in that respect he differs from Hillary and Obama.  Barak Obama's Mars in Virgo, constrained by Saturn, is cautious and directs energy to practical activity, whereas McCain's Leo Mars is directed toward "glory."  It is unlikely Obama would use military force; he will try to fight the war on terror with goodwill.  Hillary will fight the war on terror vigorously, and her instrument will be espionage, not armies, navies and air forces.
In the meantime, we came here to discuss whether John McCain is likely to end the UFO cover up or at least what his attitude toward the UFO cover up is likely to be.  Frustratingly, his horoscope does not speak loudly on that issue.  Hillary's chart tells me she will run the coverup. Obama's chart tells me he won't.  But McCain's chart doesn't say. John McCain is a huge change-maker but his changes have to do with property. He's a physical guy and a glory guy. He's an unconventional guy, too, who embraces science, technology, the future, and unusual things, which means he can mentally handle the concept of extraterrestrials. Yet, there's little emphasis in McCain's chart on the "underworld," nor does McCain have a big power drive that would make him want to control it.  One thing though, McCain has promised to "tell the truth" at all times to the American people, and Virgo, McCain's sun sign, is in fact very truthful.   Therefore, if McCain were confronted, publicly, on the ET question, he might have to tell the truth.  I wish I could be the one to ask him the question. I would say, "Mr. President, is the UFO phenomena extraterrestrial?"
Which candidate will be least intimidated by the UFO underworld and which is most likely to gain control of it?  Hillary Clinton.
Whom we should vote for depends on what we want.  All 3 candidates are outstanding individuals, and with the benefit of astrology we get to peek behind the curtain and see what really makes them tick.



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