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Written by Grant Cameron   
Tuesday, 01 July 2003 06:00

Do UFOs Exist?

Aired July 1, 2003 - 21:00   ET

easleyKING: Tonight: What really happened at Roswell, New Mexico, 56 years ago this week? Did the United States military cover up a UFO crash landing, complete with alien bodies? Do UFOs exist? Have they been here? Tonight we return to Roswell with those who were there. Walter Haut -- he was the information officer at Roswell Army Air Field. He wrote the now famous July 8, 1947, press release that said a flying disk had been recovered. Glenn Dennis -- he worked at a Roswell funeral home and says someone claiming to be the airfield's mortuary officer called to ask him about small caskets. Nancy Easley (ph) Johnston -- her father was in charge of security and clean-up at the Roswell site. Jesse Marcel, Jr. -- his father was a Roswell intelligence officer. He says he saw debris samples his father brought home from the crash site.

KING: All right, Nancy, your father was Army Air Corps officer in charge of security and clean-up. What did he -- how old were you at the time?

NANCY JOHNSTON, DAD HEADED ROSWELL CRASH SITE SECURITY: I was a year-and-a-half old, so I remember very little!


KING: What did he tell you later on?

JOHNSTON: My father was reluctant to ever talk about this incident. Once my sister and I discovered that an incident had occurred that he had been part of, when we asked him about it, he always told us that he had promised President Truman that he would not discuss it. And he stuck with that up until the end -- until almost the very end.

KING: Doesn't by the fact that he wouldn't say anything tell you that something happened?

JOHNSTON: I'm sure something happened. I am not privy to the knowledge of what exactly happened, but I'm sure something happened.

KING: Nancy, what do you -- I know your father said, Say nothing, and he wouldn't tell you what, and Truman and all that. What do you believe?

JOHNSTON: I believe that something obviously happened out there in the countryside close to Roswell that the government has tried very hard all these years to keep us from understanding and knowing about. Since I was not a witness, I have no personal knowledge of what it was, but it had to have been something very big at that time that the government wanted covered up.



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