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Written by Grant Cameron   
Thursday, 13 August 2009 13:10

Vegas 2004 Presentation

Presented in Henderson Nevada at the 2nd Annual Crashed Saucer Conference November 13th and 14th, 2004

Grant Cameron

Part 1: The Presidents and the Hard Evidence

Long before Harold Shermon wrote his famous 1946 book “The Green Man” about an alien visiting the earth, there were indications that key people inside the United States government had a crashed saucer in their possession.

According to one popular story, Roosevelt’s Secretary of State Cordell Hull showed his cousin Reverend Turner Hamilton Holt a craft and pickled alien bodies in the subbasement of the U.S. capitol.

Despite the lack of documents in presidential files there are strong indicators that the early Presidents were aware of UFO crashes and controlled the secrecy surrounding the subject. Many of the main men who were involved in rumored UFO crash retrievals were close to the President.

There is lack of supporting evidence which would clearly show the President’s role in crashed saucers. The reason for this is that the President is purposely kept clear of any paperwork. The President is kept up to date on events but much of it is done orally to prevent a traceable paper trail.

General Robert Landry, who was the Air Force aide to President Truman, discussed this protection mechanism in two oral history interviews that he gave to the Truman Library. General Landry said that part of his job was to brief the President on UFOs. He stated that this was done every three months from February 1948, when Landry came to the White House, and continued until Truman left office in January of 1953. This would have amounted to 19 or 20 briefings. Landry told the interviewer that the UFO briefing given to the President was always oral.

More evidence that Truman was being kept orally briefed on important UFO events comes when we look at the President’s role in the UFO crash at Roswell. There are no records White House files showing that he met with any of the key Roswell participants. However, the little evidence we have shows conclusively that he met “off the record” with at least two key Roswell participants.

The first was Edwin Easley who was the Provost Marshall at the Roswell Army Air Base. His job was to provide security at the UFO crash site. A check at the Truman Library will show no record that he ever talked to, corresponded with, or met with Truman.

However, when asked about what he saw at the crash site, Edwin always stated that he had promised Truman his silence. When he was on his deathbed in 1992 he broke his promise and admitted to his family that he had seen more than a weather balloon at the crash site. In a Roswell special done by the SciFi channel his daughter stated,

Whenever we would ask him about Roswell, he would simply tell us that he had promised President Truman that he would not talk about it, and he wouldn’t talk about it.

In 1992, he was dying and already on high doses of morphine. My niece kept asking him, “Well Pappy – What did you see out there? What did you see? What did you see? And finally he said, “Creatures.”

General Roger Ramey is second example of a key player who has no White House record of ever having met with, talked, or corresponded with President Truman. He played a key role in Roswell, coming up with the weather balloon theory to cover up what had actually been found. Later in the second Truman term he led the debunking effort in front of the press corps after UFOs were spotted flying over the White House twice in July 1952.

Although the written official record shows no contact between Ramey and the President, an interview done with Ramey’s wife after his death showed that not only did the two meet, they were good friends and Truman and his wife had actually visited the Rameys on more than one occasion at their home in Fort Worth, Texas.

The interview was done by Major George Filer, a former intelligence officer in the United States Air Force. Filer told me,

Mrs. Ramey told me that she and her husband had been visited by Truman on several occasions. She indicated that they were quite friendly.

Major Filer further informed me that he had learned of another Truman connection to Roswell. That connection was that he had been “told by a Wright Patterson historian” that “Truman sent out award letters to the Wright Patterson Base Commander” following Roswell.

President Truman was the first president to actually have to publicly deal with the “UFO age.” He and the government of the day were scrambling to secretly put the pieces together so they could react to what most were viewing as a challenge to the security of America. What many don’t know is that those in charge of the American efforts were reaching out to other countries to help get an answer.

One of those countries that was “in the loop” was Canada. The fact that Canada was aware of the fact America possessed a crashed saucer is one of the many untold stories of Ufology.

The “crashed saucer truths” were known by Canada as early as 1950, only three years after the first explosion of flying disc stories on American newspapers front pages. The Canadian who was in charge of collecting this material for the Canadians was Wilbert Brockhouse Smith. His brief 12 years of UFO research is one of the most amazing stories in Ufology.

Smith was the head of the official flying saucer investigation run by the Canadian government. The project was known as Project Magnet. It ran from December 1950 to August 1954. It is important to this conference because it dealt in part with crashed saucers and hardware. Moreover, much of what was discovered was documented in writing.

According to Mrs. Smith her husband, Wilbert, was dealing directly with the then Prime Minister Louis St. Laurent. She cited an example in 1952 when an interim Project Magnet report sat on the Prime Minister’s desk for three months before Smith and the Prime Minister jointly decided the time was not right for the release of the report.

When the government was confronted about Project Magnet in the Canadian parliament in the 1960s, a government minister insisted that that the Canadian government never had any serious interest in flying saucer investigation, and that Wilbert Smith’s UFO work had only been a hobby that he did in his spare time.

Fortunately, the government lie was exposed for all to see a couple decades after the minister’s denial. It was exposed by Smith himself who had then had been dead for 20 years. Smith, you see, was dying of cancer of the lower bowel. When he realized that he would not survive his illness he gave his wife, Murl, instructions to hide his UFO files to protect them from the government people who he had come to totally distrust. He predicted they would be coming to recover the files following his death.

The files were hidden at the home of his eldest son James, and true to his prediction, once Smith died people representing the Canadian, United States, and Soviet Union approached Mrs. Smith asking for the files. They all claimed the files would be used for research purposes.

Mrs. Smith told me that each of the representatives was told that she had destroyed the files. They left, but at that point, as Murl told me in a 1978 interview, the break-ins at the house began. On more than one occasion, the door would be forced open but nothing in the house was taken. Mrs. Smith was convinced it was the work of people looking for the files.

Decades later when Smith’s files were placed at the University of Ottawa, the true extent of Smith’s work became open for all to see. It became clear that Smith had been the head of an official flying saucer investigation funded and approved by the Canadian government.

In an October 28, 1955 letter to prominent UFO contactee Dan Fry, Smith wrote about his government status related to flying saucers.

You may know that I am the fellow who was in charge of the Canadian Government’s Project Magnet, which was the official saucer study.

Smith’s flying saucer investigation even involved the setting up of the only official government flying saucer observatory known in the western world. It was in operation from 1953 to 1954 when it was shut down along with Project Magnet. It consisted of a small shack on Defense Research Board property outside of the nation’s capitol. It tracked five different elements that Smith believed might be affected by the flyover of a flying saucer.

The station gained worldwide notoriety in August 1954 when Smith and his team of scientists and technicians claimed they had detected an unknown object that put some of the detecting instruments right off the scale. Smith’s statement to the press was that it did not resemble any known phenomena. The ensuing publicity from papers all over the country was too much for the Canadian government and Smith. The flying saucer station was closed down, Project Magnet was shut down, and the official government flying saucer investigation went underground.

Much of what happened inside Project Magnet was Top Secret, and there is no record of it in Smith’s files. There were however, a glimpse of what was going on and it was very leading edge research.

The biggest untold story was actually leaked by the government itself. In 1967, the centennial year of the country, the Defense Minister Paul Hellyer went to St. Paul Alberta to open a UFO landing pad built by the town as a centennial project. During his speech opening the pad, Hellyer stated that in 1954 the government had opened a Top Secret Base for UFOs to land.

Knowing that this would have been part of the secret Project Magnet work I contacted Murl Smith and asked her if Wilbert had been involved. She stated that he had in fact been at the center. She told me that Wilbert had found a way to communicate with an alien and that he had convinced the Canadian government to open a base so the alien and his craft could land.

The base was known as Suffield Research Station. It is Canada’s equivalent to Area 51. It had a restricted fly zone over it, and it did a lot of Top Secret research such as the early testing of nerve gas.

What happened according to Murl is that an agreement had been made where the government would allow the alien to land without trying to shoot it down, the alien would land, the government would meet with the alien, and then the alien would fly off. Three groups were involved (the Prime Minister, the military running the base, and the RCMP). Each would all have to sign off on every aspect of the operation.

The agreement started to fall apart when the military could not give a 100% guarantee the alien would be allowed to take off again. The Prime Minister had a cabinet meeting, and no guarantee was forth coming. Smith called off the landing.

Years later I was one of three researchers who went after Hellyer for the records of the event. He was widely quoted as having disclosed the event and was in a box. His only out was a poor memory and that was the card he played. He stated that he had been told about the experiment by his UFO expert when he was Defense Minister in 1967. The thing was he couldn’t remember his name. We pressured him and he then claimed to have gone to his government files that were then being offered up to the National Archives. Not surprisingly he stated that he couldn’t find the UFO files that he had been provided by the expert.

The Project Magnet Shutdown

In Smith’s files there were a number of letters that described why the Canadian government shut down the flying saucer program. These insights into the shutdown are important for two reasons.

  1. They are reasons being listed by Wilbert Smith who was the head of the program.
  2. They give an insight into why governments around the world are keeping the alien presence secret.

According to a January 26, 1956 letter that Wilbert Smith sent to Dan Fry one of the key reasons for the shutdown and subsequent cover-up was embarrassment.

Fact is when certain government people came face to face with the reality of the space people, and realized that wasn’t anything that they could do about it; they promptly closed their eyes and hoped the whole thing would go away. (Underlined in the original letter)

Furthermore, Smith said that the Canadian government felt helpless. In an interview with the Sudbury Star newspaper Smith stated,

The only reason that those in authority have said nothing about it is that they simply don’t know what to do about it.

In a February 2, 1959 letter to a Canadian researcher Smith added,

No minister in his right mind is going to release ANY report which may prove embarrassing or give rise to questions which he or his colleagues might find difficult to answer.

Despite the fact that all governments have chosen to cover up the ET presence, Smith stated that all government knew. In a February 23, 1959 letter Smith stated,

For your information EVERY nation on this planet has been officially informed of the existence of the space craft and their occupants from elsewhere, and as nations they must take responsibility for any lack of action or for any official position they may take. There is nothing more to be done along these lines, and effort in this direction is wasted.

Prior to the shutdown of Project Magnet, Smith conducted many studies and met with some of the top people in the United States flying saucer program. This included contact with Dr. Vannevar Bush who has always been rumored to have been the main scientist directing flying saucer research in the United States.

The United States Evidence Trail: How it all Began

Smith had become interested in flying saucers after reading flying saucer books written by Major Donald Keyhoe and Frank Scully. He described his initial investigation in the United States to one newspaper and how it led to the creation of Project Magnet.

In 1950 I was attending a rather slow-moving broadcasting conference in Washington D.C. and having some free time on my hands, I circulated around asking a few questions about flying saucers, which stirred up a hornet’s nest.

I found that the U.S. government had a highly classified project set up to study them, so I reasoned that with so much smoke maybe I should look for the fire.

The fire that Smith eventually found included conclusive evidence that the “officials” in the United States had crashed flying saucers and had chosen to cover it up.

After asking a number of questions in the U.S., Smith returned to write an official TOP SECRET memo to the Canadian government detailing what he had learned. The memo, written in November 1950, did not become public until 1979 when researchers forced the Canadian government to release it.

On page two of the three page memo Smith wrote,

  • The matter is the most highly classified item in the United States, rated higher than the hydrogen bomb.(which was still in a classified development stage at the time)
  • Flying saucers exist
  • Their modus operandi is unknown but concentrated effort is being mad by a small group headed by Dr. Vannevar Bush.
  • The United States authorities are investigating along quite a number of lines, which might possibly be related to the saucers such as mental phenomena.
  • The entire matter is considered by United States officials to be of tremendous significance.

The Canadian government reaction to the TOP SECRET memo was one of approval. The deputy minister in the Department of Transport wrote at the bottom of the memo. “OK, Go ahead with it and keep me posted from time to time.”

The material that Smith was getting from the United States was coming through the Canadian Embassy down the road from the White House in Washington D.C.

In his hidden files Smith left copies of letters to and from the embassy which pointed out how seriously the Canadian were taking the information that was being gathered by military liaisons working out of the embassy.

Based on the information gathered both Smith and the embassy officials knew the reality of saucers. One high ranking official at the Embassy wrote Smith,

The official position here is that nobody knows anything at all about the matter at all. We are, of course keeping out eyes and ears open and if anything does develop you will probably hear about it though the Wright and Solandt channel. On the Ambassador’s instruction no one at the Embassy, apart from Wright and myself, is to discuss the matter with anyone.

The embassy was so certain of the material that had been gathered that they were actually anticipating the U.S. government might soon make a public statement. Gordon Cox at the Embassy wrote Smith.

The ambassador and I would be particularly interested in any indication you may have heard while you were here on the possibility of any U.S. Government statement.

The evidence that the Canadians were basing their evaluation on was wide and deep. It even extended to the rumored head of the United States flying saucer program – engineer Dr. Vannevar Bush. Bush was the technology czar of the U.S. military complex during world WW11 that created such things as the atomic bomb, the homing torpedo, radar, and dozens of other inventions.

Smith had identified Bush as the head of “a small group” that was investigating the flying saucer situation on behalf of the American military and government. Smith’s personal files showed that Smith had even had contact with Bush.

After writing the TOP SECRET memo, Smith requested a clearance to talk to American officials and scientists on classified flying saucers issues. He received the clearance and prepared a paper on a theory for flying saucer propulsion based on the eye-witness sightings that had been collected by Project Magnet.

The paper was couriered to Dr. Bush by prominent UFO researcher and writer Major Donald Keyhoe. In a letter written to Gordon Cox at the Canadian Embassy Smith detailed the Bush contact.

I understand that Keyhoe was to have taken it to Dr. Bush for clearance. I do not know what Dr. Bush’s reaction to the material contained in the main portion of the article and my revision, but his reaction should certainly be interesting and I should like to have a talk with Keyhoe sometime at your convenience to ascertain this point.

Some of the information Smith received in the United States came from Dr. Robert Sarbacher. He, like Smith and Vannevar Bush, was an electrical engineer who ran the Washington Institute of Technology Oceanographic and Physical Sciences which was just down the street from the Canadian Embassy. Dr. Sarbacher had done work for the Canadians including working on the DEW line radar stations that were built to detect a Russian bomber attack from over the North Pole.

On September 15, 1950 Wilbert Smith conducted an interview with Dr. Sarbacher through the Canadian military liaison at the Canadian Embassy. Sarbacher gave Smith confirmation that the flying saucer situation was very real.

WBS: I am doing some work on the collapse of the earth's magnetic field as a source of energy and I think our work may have a bearing on flying saucers.

RIS: What do you want to know?

WBS: I have read (Frank) Scully's book on the saucers and I would like to know how much of it is true.

RIS: The facts reported in the book are substantially correct.

WBS: Then the saucers exist?

RIS: Yes, they exist.

WBS: Do they operate as Scully suggests on magnetic principle?

RIS: We have not been able to duplicate their performance.

WBS: So they come from some other planet?

RIS: All we know is, that we didn't make them, and it's pretty certain they didn't originate on the earth.

WBS: I understand the whole subject of saucers is classified.

RIS: Yes, it is classified two points higher than the H-bomb. In fact, it is the most highly classified subject in the U.S. government at the present time.

WBS: May I ask the reason for this classification?

RIS: You may ask, but I can't tell you.

WBS: Is there any way in which I can get some information, particularly as it might fit in with our own work?

RIS: I suppose you could be cleared through your own Defense Department and I am pretty sure arrangements could be made to exchange information. If you have anything to contribute we would be glad to talk it over, but I can't give you any more at the present time.

Years later Dr. Sarbacher recalled that the information he had gathered came from overhearing stories about a series of briefing on crashed flying saucers that had been held at Wright Patterson Air Force Base. Dr. Sarbacher had been invited to go but had declined due to a busy schedule. He did however hear scientists talking about what they had learned from the briefing sessions.

When the Sarbacher-Smith interview transcript became public researcher in the early 1980s, Stanton Friedman tracked Sarbacher down to get details on the crashed saucer briefings that had been held at Wright Patterson, and to see if he could add anything more to what he had told Wilbert Smith in 1950. He is part of the transcript of the conversation.

Sarbacher: I had to run my own business, my laboratory and I couldn't go to all the meetings. Now they did have, at least I was told, that's when Karl Compton was down there.

Friedman: Yah.

Sarbacher: I was told that they had recovered a UFO with some people in it.

Friedman: Bodies, whatever.

Sarbacher: I don't know, that's what I think I was told.

Friedman: Did he tell you where?

Sarbacher: Well we were having a meeting at Wright Field and I couldn’t go. But later on one of the fellows said to me that those guys if they were people were made like insects.

Friedman: Did you get any clue as to where the crash had occurred?

Sarbacher: It was somewhere out west.

Friedman: OK. Any idea what year this was?

Sarbacher: Well, yah. Let’s see… Freddie (Darwin) was there in Washington. It was in the early 50s.

Friedman: OK. Did they imply that the crash had just happened or that this had happened some time before?

Sarbacher: Well yes. The conversation was that it had been recovered. The crash. That’s what we were talking about. We were going to have a meeting…going out to discuss it.

Sarbacher’s comments indicate that a UFO crash had occurred, and that top scientists associated with the military had been called in. It was therefore this information that Sarbacher used to answer Wilbert Smith’s September 1950 questions.

Wilbert Smith and the Crashed Saucers

The fact that Smith had knowledge of crashed saucers and bodies was known to me, and people who had been close to Smith, since the 1970s. It was not announced to the public till 2002.

Wilbert’s oldest son James was the one that made the fact public. In an earlier conversation with me, he had said that he was covered under the official secret act of Canada and therefore couldn’t discuss it. I reminded him that I had been told by one of Smith’s close UFO associates, a military scientist by the name of Art Bridge, that the official secret act lasted 25 years. Therefore, I explained after 1987 he should be free to talk about it because that would have been 25 years after his father’s death. At that point James then started to talk.

In an interview with the Canadian UFO show “Strange Days Indeed” James first talked about all the UFO hardware that had been sent to his father by American officials for analysis.

James: “Many times I do remember blue military cars pulling up to the house and leaving packages of things for him to do metallurgic analysis on. We asked him what they were and he said they were chunks of unidentified things that the military had either shot down or found. 

SDI: Unidentified things, or did he actually use the word flying saucers?

James: Yes, on a couple of instances I remember packages about the size of a loaf of bread coming in. The box would contain a chunk of metal that he had been told that the Air Force had shot of a chunk off a flying saucer. They had already done some analysis it and wanted him to have a go at it too.

SDI: Now was this the American or the U.S. Air Force?

James: Well I don’t recall what color the plate was. But it came from the states. Whether it was delivered to the house by the Canadian or…

SDI: So it came from the states?

James: Yes.

SDI: You actually saw some of these pieces as well Jim?

James: Oh Yes, I saw them when he unpacked the boxes to see what in there, and take a look at it.

SDI: How old would you have been then?

James: Well looking… 10 to 17…in that age group.

SDI: Did you get to handle any of them? How would you know what was an unusual looking piece of metal at 17?

James: I got to handle a few of them. One was a chunk about the size of a brick - semi circular in shape. It was a very smooth metal except for the jagged edges where it had been disconnected from whatever it belonged to. It was quit heavy in terms of its size. He had an analysis done of that one. I remember seeing that particular analysis sheet.

Others close to the Smith UFO work in the 1950s told similar stories about this small UFO hardware that was being sent from the states for analysis. Art Bridge, the military metallurgist working with Smith, openly stated he had handled it. When I asked him “Exactly how much of it he and Smith had actually handled,” he paused for a long time and then said, “Lots of it.”

Another story came from Bob Groves who was a school teacher and a UFO researcher belonging to the Cleveland Ufology Project. A few months before Wilbert died he was in Ottawa visiting Smith. Although Smith was very sick, he took time to talk with Groves. Groves was interested in the work Smith had done on UFO propulsion, but part of what was discussed involved the UFO hardware that Smith had received for analysis from the United States. When Groves arrived back in Cleveland he gave an interview in which he detailed what Smith had told him.

During the actual operation of this when Mr. Smith was on his feet he was constantly visited by both Canadian government officials as well as American government officials. These were, of course, upper echelon people with attaché cases that were chained and locked to their wrists to make sure that none of the information was dropped or left in a bus station. So he had a number of these visits. They had samples they wanted him to analysis of hardware that is actually metal that had had found.

According to Mr. Smith the United States military intelligence has tons of hardware. They had readily admitted this to Mr. Smith upon interview when he was the director of this research project (Project Magnet) in Canada, and they also had much film.

Carol Halford Walkins, who was the wife of one of Smith’s close UFO associates, described another story Smith had told about UFO hardware in possession of U.S. officials. She stated that she recalled Wilbert Smith had talked about a special room that was in the Pentagon. In this room, according to Smith, was a collection of small UFO fragments for display. Smith had been there himself.

In Smith’s files there are letters that detail more about the hardware, and who controls it. In a letter to a Mr. Popowitch Smith wrote,

In posting your representative with questions be sure the questions asked are exactly what you want to know. If you ask, “Does the U.S. Air Force have UFO hardware?” you will get “No” truthfully. The hardware is not held by the Air Force.

In a letter to another member of the Cleveland Ufology Project Smith wrote,

You seem most interested in “UFO hardware.” There is a great deal of this around, most of it in official (not USAF !) hands.

In a phone interview with the same researcher Smith talked again about hardware and about the secret group to whom the UFO fragments were being returned.

Fitch: You say that you had to return it (a piece of hardware) - did you return it to the Air Force, Mr. Smith?

Smith: Not the Air Force. Much higher than that.

Fitch: The Central Intelligence Agency?

Smith: (Chuckles) I'm sorry, gentlemen, but I don't care to go beyond that point. I can say that it went into the hands of a highly classified group. You will have to solve that problem - their identity - for yourselves.

Wilbert Smith and Crash Retrievals

In his correspondence Wilbert Smith made a few direct references to the fact that he was aware of UFO crash retrievals.

I do have knowledge from excellent sources that saucers HAVE crashed and fallen into the hands of “earth people.” I have even handed “hardware,” but all this is buried deep in classification and may as well be in the fourth dimension for all the good it is in evaluating the reality of the craft or the people who manipulate them.

In a 1955 letter Smith made another comment about crashed saucers.

I think there are several of them in earth people’s hands, but I am afraid that they won’t learn much about them from inspection; about as much as a Hotentot would learn about one of our aircraft. One must go to kindergarten before one goes to college.

James Smith, who had come forward about the hardware his father handled, also stated he was aware his father had been involved in craft retrievals. He told Errol Knapp on the Strange Days UFO radio show,

SDI: Jim, you mentioned that he (Wilbert Smith) was shown bodies at one point.

James: Yes, he was in the states a lot partly due to his work as Superintendent of Radio Regulations. So he had to deal with frequency allocations, channels, radios and that sort of business

So he was frequently on committees in the states where they were working out joint allocations for example. On several occasions he was invited off to be shown things along this line.  That was pretty much under the Official Secrets Act he told us. However, just before he passed away in 1962, when he felt the Act couldn’t get him anymore, I did ask him and he said, “Yes he had seen the bodies.”

SDI: Did he describe them at all? Do you recall?

James: Not that I can recall except that the descriptions that had been out and about were fairly accurate…I think there were descriptions of smallish types. I don’t exactly remember about the coloring. I don’t remember a lot of those details. It just satisfied my curiosity that he had seen them, and that they were real.

I interviewed James on the same subject and he confirmed the fact that Wilbert Smith had also seen a downed craft. This was a story that one of Smith’s close associates had been telling since the 1970s.

Cameron: Buchanan told the story about crashed flying saucers and you mentioned the bodies.

James: Yes.

Cameron: And Buchanan mentioned the story that your father had seen a crashed flying saucer at an Air Force Base outside of Washington.

James: That’s right.

Cameron: Did you ever hear that story?

James: Yes.

Cameron: OK. Did you hear that story from other people or did your dad tell you that.

James: No my dad told me that.

The one crash story that seems to back this Smith account of a crashed saucer outside of Washington is a story that was related by the first crashed saucer researcher, Len Stringfield, in his January 1980 Status Report #2.

The story was told by a former Army Intelligence officer, who Stringfield called Mr. JK. Jk told Stringfield that he had been stationed at Wright Patterson Air Force base and had heard the story that there was a saucer being stored at Langley. Perhaps this is the saucer that Smith saw.

In Status Report #2 Stringfield related a story he had been told about alien bodies being stored at Langley. The story was a claim made by aviation historian Air Force Major Truman Weaver, who was a friend of UFO researcher Don Berliner. Weaver showed a letter to Berliner from Robert Thompson, a friend of his, who was in the aviation business and who claimed in 1953 to have worked “right across the alley” from where 13 alien bodies were being stored. Thompson stated that the strong odor of embalming fluid used to waft over to where he was working. His letter to Weaver he stated that the bodies were later moved to a small Air Force Base (Langley) at Hampton Roads, Virginia.

When Stringfield tracked him down he confirmed that he had worked across from Building 18F, and that although he had not seen the bodies he had seen an “interim report” by his boss, named McAdams which confirmed the fact that the alien craft and bodies were on the base. He confirmed to Stringfield that his understanding was that the 13 bodies and two craft had been moved to Langley. Thompson said that he had heard about the move of the bodies and craft from an unreachable source in Canada.

In Status Report #3 Stringfield had another witness who reported that four bodies from a crash in New Mexico had been seen at Langley.

Another story that shows that Smith had access to the crashed saucer data comes from the story of the Aztec UFO crash in 1948. The story had been written up by Frank Scully in 1950 in a book called “Behind the Flying Saucers.”

In his September 1950 interview with Dr. Robert Sarbacher, Smith asked about how accurate the Aztec story was. Sarbacher replied, “The facts in the book in the book are substantially correct.”

Now the Scully story has generally been written off by most Ufologists as a hoax put over on frank Scully by oil well prospector Silas Newton. However, a single line in a book published in 1983, now indicates that Silas Newton may have been telling the truth. The 1983 reference also gives added weight to the argument that Smith saw the bodies.

The important reference is found in a book called “UFO Dynamics” by Berthold Schwartz. Speaking of Newton Schwartz wrote,

Newton became acquainted with several high-ranking geophysicists who had actually seen the downed craft and occupants, and according to Sherman, through the intervention of Wilbert Smith, electronics expert and organizer of Project Magnet, Newton actually saw the bodies himself.

The importance of the statement is twofold;

  1. If Newton was making up this part of his story it makes no sense that he would say that he received access to alien bodies from a foreign national who would have slim chance at being read into American ultra Top Secret secrets. He surely would have said he was shown by some high ranking US official or scientist.
  2. The story that Smith had access to crashed saucers and bodies was not made public till 20 years after Schwartz wrote of Newton’s claim.

Dr. Eric Walker

Wilbert Smith’s statements and files led to other confirmable goldmines of information. Dr. Eric Walker is a prime example.

When Stanton Friedman tracked down Dr. Robert Sarbacher in 1983, he asked him to identify someone who had been at the crashed saucer briefings held at Wright Patterson who might still be alive. Sarbacher named off a number of people by all were dead. Then he identified one man from Pennsylvania who had attended all the meetings, but he couldn’t remember his name.

I remember there was one guy. Frankly I didn’t like him very much. He had some company as I had. Seemed to me he was in Philadelphia. He was going to all the meetings, and acting very smug about it.

To make a long story short, research was conducted and the name Eric Walker seemed to fit. Walker had a long a distinguished career which included being President of Penn State University for 15 years.

Walker had also been Executive Secretary of the Research and Development Board in the early 1950s. He was close to all the big named rumored with UFOs and MJ-12. He stated, when asked, that he knew all the men listed on the MJ-12 document released by Stanton Friedman and Bill Moore. In fact, when he first entered the Pentagon in 1951 he took over the office of Dr. Vannevar Bush who was at the time leaving public service.

Dr. Sarbacher was recontacted and he confirmed that Dr. Walker was the man who had attended all the crashed saucer briefings.

Six researchers around the world then contacted Walker over the period of eight years to get him to tell what he knew. Dr. Walker was a reluctant witness, but he could not hang up the phone. He eventually gave up enough information to clearly show he had been a key player and that the crashed saucers stories were very real.

The first researcher to contact him was former California researcher Bill Steinman. After Steinman got a confirmation from Sarbacher that Walker was at the meetings, he immediately phoned Walker and asked him if he had attended briefings at Wright Patterson regarding the “military recovery of flying saucers and the bodies of occupants.” Walker replied,

Yes, I attended the meeting concerning that subject matter; why do you want to know about that?

In the same interview Steinman asked him about the MJ-12 document which had been made public only weeks before. Walker replied,

Yes. I know of MJ-12. I have known of them for 40 years. I believe that you're chasing after and fighting with windmills!!

The term “fighting with windmills” was strange and he was asked a question year later to try and get him to elaborate. In the end it appeared that Dr. Walker thought UFOs were so advanced only those with the “mind of Einstein” could comprehend it, and Ufologists were wasting their time trying to get through the government secrecy that surrounded the subject. On one occasion for example he stated,

You are delving into an area that you can do absolutely nothing about. So why get involved with it or concerned about it? Why don't you just leave it alone and drop it? Forget about it!!

Often in his contacts with researchers Walker tried to get across the fact that “This is a subject I don’t talk about.” He would try to talk around the questions he was being asked, but ended up giving up little pieces with every interview. Some of the pieces were very confirming.

He volunteered the fact that he had notes from the crashed saucer meetings.

I am sure that I have notes of those meetings at WPAFB. I would have to dig them out and read them over in order to jog my memory.

In 1990 Walker was interviewed by Armen Azadehdel, who claimed to me that he could get Dr. Walker to talk. Azadehdel told me that he and a German friend of his had come across a crashed flying saucer in a mountain area of Bolivia in 1977, while searching for rare orchids which was a hobby of his.

He proceeded to tell the story to Walker to get him talk. Walker asked a number of questions trying to ridicule the story, but when Armen stuck to the story, he suddenly told Armen that he could not help him saying, “I have no resources at all, no friends for these things where I am now.”

Armen took the opportunity to get something concrete,

Q: Have we captured anything? We must have.

A: Sure.

Q: Anything, did we learn anything?

A: Yeah. I think so.

In a later interview Armen asked Walker more questions about the MJ-12 type group running things.

Q: Are there government scientists?

A: Everyone mistakes this issue. I gather by that you mean whether they work for the Defense establishments of the military.

Q: Yes, Doctor, that is what I meant.

A: Well, that is where you are wrong. They are a Handful Of Elite. When you are invited into that group I would know.

Q: Are the members 10, 12, 14? Are they all Americans?

A: I cannot give you the numbers, and no, not necessarily, they are not all Americans.

On crashed saucers Dr. Walker said this,

Q: Have we captured any saucers or any material from the discs to study?

A: The technology is far behind what is known in ordinary terms of physics that you take the measure and obtain measurements. You are pushing for answers aren't you?

Based on many interviews we concluded that Dr. Walker himself had probably been at the UFO crash in Kecksburg, Pa. He lived only 100 miles away, and had identified 1965 as the last time that he had been involved with UFOs. Azadehdel agreed to interview Walker on the subject. Surprisingly Walker confirmed immediately that he had been there, although he would not talk about what was found.

Well, we went there... There were two from the military - but not on duty.

Years after Dr. Walker died Canadian researcher and writer Palmiro Campana phoned Dr. Walker’s son who had been in charge of Dr. Walker’s papers after he died. Palmiro asked him if he had seen anything in his father’s papers related to UFOs. Brian confirmed that he had seen something. Campagna related to me what Brian told him.

He (Brian Walker) saw a file that contained a number of official government documents but he claims he did not read them. He recalls that there were drawings but does not mention of what i.e. disks, bodies etc. He claims the file contained information on an event in Pennsylvania (Kecksburg perhaps?) and one in the southwestern US.  He does not recall seeing any mention of other persons. He thinks his father destroyed it before his death, as it was never located afterwards.

Arthur Lundahl

The final trail I wish review related to Wilbert Smith’s work is the UFO connection to Arthur Lundahl. Lundahl was considered the premiere intelligence officer of the 1950s in the United States.

Lundahl ran the National Photographic Interpretation Center (NPIC) which was responsible for analyzing all the U-2, SR-71, and satellite surveillance photos. He briefed many Presidents on this collected intelligence, such as when he went into President Kennedy’s office with his large photographic charts to brief the President on the missiles in Cuba.

Lundahl was a very powerful Washington official who happened to be extremely interested in UFOs. This interest was illustrated in a 1971 handwritten note from Lundahl to UFO researcher Dr. James McDonald. The February 2, 1970 letter read in part,

I am glad you are keeping up the good work and assure you that my interest is just as high as ever.

In another April 7, 1970 letter to McDonald on April 7, 1970 Lundahl wrote,

Will look forward to seeing you and engaging in more discussion of a most important subject – the UFOs.

Lundahl played some big roles in UFO history. He was rumored to have been the CIA briefing officer on UFOs for at least three U.S. Presidents. He was rumored to have been using intelligence satellites to look for UFOs. He is confirmed to have directed the analysis of all the photographic evidence that was used in the 1953 CIA Robertson panel report on UFOs. At the time Lundahl was working for the Navy. Months after doing the Robertson Panel UFO photographic work he was hired by the CIA.

It is important to note at this point out that there is also a close connection between Arthur Lundahl and the Majestic Documents that Bob and Ryan Wood have been analyzing for the last number of years.

The main figure at the center of the Majestic Documents is Tim Cooper. In the past year the Woods have released a commendation that was received by Tim’s father Harry. It was signed by Curtis LeMay and cited Cooper for

His exemplar knowledge of film processing and printing techniques provided necessary aids and photographic production for intelligence evaluation of gun camera and still photographs requested on call by the Foreign Technology Division and the National Photographic Interpretation Center in their contribution to the USAF UFO Program.

Harry Cooper therefore was doing UFO related work for Lundahl’s National Photographic Interpretation. It may be a factor in why his son would become the vehicle for government documents after he started filing FOIAs on UFOs.

One of Lundahl’s first UFO roles involved a story that occurred when he was still in the Navy. (The group that Smith had the most contact with in the United States)

In July of 1952 UFOs flew over the U.S. capitol on two separate weekends. Days after the first flyover the CIA had a piece of hardware that was believed to have been related. It had been recovered by Alvin Moore who was the head of the Naval Bureau of Aeronautics Technical Information Branch of ‘BuAer.”                            

When Moore joined the CIA he showed the piece to Arthur Lundahl who had been a reserve officer in the Navy. Moore said that he and Lundahl had a lot in common “especially about flying saucers.”  Lundahl must have been impressed with the piece as he was still talking to Dr. James McDonald about it in 1970.

Shortly thereafter Moore sent the UFO piece, and a gelatin-like substance that was found at the same time and place, to none other than Wilbert Smith in Canada for analysis.

We know of no letter that went back from Wilbert Smith following his analysis. All Moore described was an analysis from the National Bureau of Standards saying it was not a natural stone. The piece eventually disappeared from Moore’s locked safe in his CIA office.

Wilbert Smith also had a piece related to the 1952 Washington sightings over the White House. Some had concluded that it is the same piece recovered by Alvin Moore. Smith stated that his piece had been shot off a two foot wide disc by a jet. It was similar to the Moore/CIA piece but not exactly.

Q: I have been told by a mutual friend that in 1952 you showed Admiral Knowles a piece of a flying saucer. Is that statement correct?

A: Yes. That is correct. I visited with Admiral Knowles and I had with me a piece which had been shot from a small flying saucer near Washington in July of that year- 1952. I showed it to the Admiral. It was a piece about twice the size of your thumb which had been loaned to me for a short time by your Air Force.

Q: What about this particular piece from that UFO near Washington…did it differ from conventional materials? Was there anything unusual about it?

A: Well the story behind it is this: The pilot was chasing after a glowing disc about two feet in diameter.

Q: Pardon me, sir, but did you say two feet?

A: That is correct. I was informed that the disc was glowing and two feet in diameter. A glowing chunk flew off and the pilot saw it glowing all the way to the ground. He radioed his report and the ground party hurried to the scene. The thing was still glowing when they found it an hour later.

The second story that involved both Lundahl and Wilbert Smith is a fascinating story of an incident that occurred in 1959. It was a story which showed how two different countries could quickly jump on a good UFO cases with the best people they had.

It involved the same alien that was supposed to land at Suffield Station before the deal fell apart.

The story began in 1954 when Smith’s friend Admiral Herbert Knowles was contacted by a woman in his home town of Elliot, Maine, by the name of Francis Swan. (Knowles would later go on to become on of the board members of NICAP)

Mrs. Swan claimed that she was being contacted by aliens many times a day that were orbiting the earth. Knowles watched to see how the contacts were being made. He was impressed and contacted Wilbert Smith, the head of Navy Intelligence, the FBI, and President Eisenhower.

Smith and the FBI showed up immediately to check out the claim. Smith was fascinated with the contact and remained in regular contact with Mrs. Swan right up to his death in 1962. The FBI reported what they had seen and sent it off to the Air Force. The White House held on to the Knowles information and then sent it off to the Secret Service.

Lots of very interesting things happened related to Mrs. Swan and U.S. government agencies, but because it is a long story let me just cite one wild tale, and then move on to 1959 when Arthur Lundahl gets involved.

Author and UFO investigator Major Donald Keyhoe reported in his writings that the United States Air Force had detected large satellite objects orbiting the earth in the fall of 1952 with new long range radar that had just been developed. Keyhoe reported that panic set in within the Air Force, and the race was on to do something about it.

The White House was also became involved. The key point man on the satellite issue for President Eisenhower was his national security advisor General Robert Cutler. Cutler, like Eisenhower, was a fanatic about secrecy.

Cutler was the Executive Secretary of the National Security Council and may be known to many Ufologists as the author of the now infamous Cutler - Twining MJ-12 memo which was discovered in the Suitland Archives. He may also be known by researcher as the man inside the NSC who received the Robertson Panel Report when it was sent to the White House in 1953.

What happened on the mysterious satellite issue was that Stewart Alsop, a powerful syndicated columnist with the New York Herald Tribune, published the story that two mysterious satellites had been discovered. According to Major Keyhoe’s account of the event Cutler was so angry about the leak that people inside the NSC were afraid to be around him.

Lundahl Talks to an Alien

In 1959 Lt. Commander Robert Neasham and U.S. Navy Commander Julius Larsen found the report about Mrs. Swan’s contact with the aliens, and decided to fly from Washington to Maine to investigate her.

Neasham was a close friend of Lundahl’s, and with Lundahl had been one of the founding members of NPIC. Neasham had created the enhanced light source that was used on the NPIC film tables.

Neasham had also worked on the team with Lundahl that had analyzed the CIA Robertson Panel UFO photographic evidence. In fact, he actually testified to the committee, stating that after 1000 hours of analysis of the objects in the Utah (Tremonton) the analysts had determined that the film showed self luminous objects that could not be accounted for by any known physical phenomenon.

Neesham and Larsen stayed at the Swan house for a couple of days, and to make a long story short Mrs. Swan taught Commander Larsen      how to contact the one of the aliens named AFFA.

Neesham and Larsen raced back to Washington with their discovery and headed for the NPIC to show Arthur Lundahl. Lundahl was very interested and asked Larsen to sit down and make a contact with AFFA.

Larsen sat down and subsequently went into trace. Lundahl and Neasham asked questions. Larsen used automatic writing to answer the questions.

After a series of questions a request for proof was made. Neasham asked, “Can we have proof of your existence.”

Larsen switched from automatic writing to talking and things started to happen.

AFFA: What kind of proof do you want?

Neasham: Can we see your craft?

AFFA: When do you want to see it?

Neasham: Now.

AFFA: Go to the window. (Everyone races to the window)

Neasham: Are we looking in the right direction?

AFFA: Yes.

According to a Dr. J. Allen Hynek hand written reproduction of the Lundahl written CIA memo describing the incident,

At this time, approximately 1400, 6 July, 1959, these three men saw what they have indicated was a flying saucer. They described the object as round, with the perimeter brighter than the center. Lt. Commander Neasham checked with Washington Center (Radar) and was informed that for some unknown reason radar return from the direction in which the ship was supposedly seen had been blocked out at the time of the sighting.”

Major Friend from Blue Book was called in for an emergency meeting. In this meeting they attempted another contact which failed. Friend returned to write up the event to his commanding General, but was told to drop it because another agency would handle it.

As a top intelligence official, Lundahl would have had a lot of the answers to the mystery of UFOs that interested him so much.

Former Director of Citizens Against UFO Secrecy, Todd Zechel, saw Lundahl’s person library outside of Washington. He said it appeared that Lundahl had every UFO book that had ever been written.

Unfortunately the files related to Lundahl’s UFO work remain hidden. Even Lundahl himself is very much a mystery, perhaps because of his very secret government work. An example is that my request to the FBI came back with a reply that they had “no file” on Arthur Lundahl.

The story of the CIA talking to an alien never became public while it was going on. It only became know in the 1970s when Robert Emenegger and Allen Sandler were approached by the Pentagon officials and told the story. They were then encouraged tell the story in a government directed UFO documentary.

This leads to Part 2 of this talk which looks at how the government has carefully leaked to the public the history of UFO crashes and the secret government handling of the UFO presence on Earth.


Part 2: The Presidents and the Hard Evidence

Astronaut Dr. Edgar Mitchell has stated publicly that his sources have told him that after President Kennedy the cabal that controlled the UFO presence stopped briefing the President on what was going on. If this scenario is correct it represents a serious constitutional problem in America.

The evidence I have seen shows that although the Presidents may not have been given the whole story they appeared to have had enough information to make the security related decisions required of the commander-in chief of the military.

I think some of the confusion lies in the fact that the President has been shielded from any questions that would reveal anything he might know about UFOs, or what he has done to deal with the mystery.

Surprisingly, the President of the United States has only twice publicly taken a question on UFOs twice since 1947. The first was a couple days after the Roswell crash when President Truman was asked whether he knew anything about the flying discs that were on the front pages of major American newspapers in July 1947.

The second UFO question came during a December 1954 press conference when President Eisenhower was asked what he though about UFOs. The question had been inspired by a major flap of sighting that was taking place in Europe at the time.

That was the last time the President was asked, or in other words, the President has not been asked a question in 50 years. It is not hard, therefore, for the public to come to the conclusion that the President doesn’t know anything.

There are a number of incidents, testimonies and statements that show the President has been in the loop all along. President Lyndon Johnson is an example.

Gordon Cooper, the pioneer astronaut who died recently, told a key story in his book “Leap of Faith: An Astronaut's Journey Into the Unknown" that when he was flying on Gemini 5 photos he had taken of Area 51 had been confiscated, and that President Johnson told him personally, “Son, I ordered it classified.” The statement shows a President in charge.

Johnson also seemed to have inside knowledge about UFOs when one views the events that took place in the days following the Kecksburg UFO crash which occurred in December of 1965.

On the night of the crash Leo Bourassa, who ran Mount Weather where the President and top staffers would be taken in the event of a nuclear attack, was involved in the phone traffic about the crash. He passed on the fact that he had received word of recovered metal in Michigan.

As I mentioned here last year, Bourassa was also important because he was the Director of the Special Facilities Division which was described by former USAF physicist Robert Collins as a cover for the MJ-12 group. In addition, Brigadier-General Steven Lovekin stated that during his time with Signals Corp that Mount Weather had facilities to track UFOs.

NASA was reportedly at the crash site and the next morning, the head of NASA James Webb, landed at Johnson’s Texas ranch to meet with the President. At almost the same time, all the members of the Joint Chiefs of Staff landed at the ranch to meet with Johnson. That afternoon the Governor of Pennsylvania flew to the ranch to meet with Johnson.

When Johnson arrived back in Washington a couple days later one of his first meetings was Leo Bourassa’s boss, Lionel Ellington, the head of the Office of Emergency Planning. 

If Johnson did know and have control he would have been the perfect President for the job. He had a fascination with the space race right from the night he stood out on his Texas ranch and watched Sputnik orbit overhead in October 1957.

He had the biggest collection of outer space files of any President, and a correct reading of history will show that it was Johnson who talked Kennedy into going to the moon. Kennedy was actually not very interested in outer space.

It was only months after Johnson left office that Project Blue book shut down, and it is not certain what role he played a role in this. One of the people who did play an unintentional role in the closing of Blue Book was then Congressman Gerald Ford. In 1965 Ford had a flap of UFO sighting take place in his Michigan constituency.

He demanded a congressional investigation into the UFO phenomena. In a 1966 interview with Face the Nation Congressman Ford spoke forcefully about the UFO situation.

Mr. Ford, what about flying saucers? You’ve had some in Michigan in the past week. Do you really believe in flying saucers – you’ve called for a congressional investigation?

Dave, we’ve had several incidents in Michigan in the last week -incidents that many reliable good citizens felt were sufficient to justify some action by our government and not the kind of flippant kind of answer that was given by the Air Force where they passed it off as “swamp gas.” And in addition there are other incidents that have happened from time to time - reportings by people who basically I think are fully sincere and who are honest.

It appears to me that this mystery that has been around the country with all the various sightings does require that the Congress take a good look at it. Bring up these witnesses from the Air Force and the National Aeronautics and Space Agency. Have them interrogated by members of the House or Senate Committees. Let them put their records on the line. Let the people who have allegedly seen these Unidentified Flying Objects come and testify.

I think the American people would be more assured that there were or were not if a public hearing were held.

The pressure that was exerted by Ford did get the Congress to briefly look at UFOs, but it also gave the Air Force a platform where they were able to get a seemingly independent university to publicly state future investigation was a waste of time. The Air Force took this University of Colorado analysis as the prime opportunity to pull the plug on Project Blue Book, and to get out of the UFO controversy forever.

In terms of what I am about to explain this dumping of Project Blue Book was an important event. When the Air Force dumped Blue Book they were able to completely divest themselves of UFOs, or any discussion of UFOs. UFOs had been a public relations nightmare for the Air Force since 1947.

Consider, for example, the trepidation towards the UFO subject expressed by Colonel Hector Quintanilla in a book that he wrote in the 1970s. Quintanilla was the head of Project Blue Book from 1963 till it shut down in 1969. Quintanilla said,

Little did they (Air Technical Intelligence Center) know, at the time that a pseudo scientific project was about to be dropped in their laps…on a long-term basis it turned out to be a monumental headache for all its Commanders. . ATIC Commanders (would) cringe on hearing the term “Flying Saucers.

It was a dream come true when Air Force Secretary Robert C. Seamans, Jr. summed up the final position of the government on the subject. "Continuation of the Project," said Seamans, "cannot be justified either on the ground of national security or in the interest of science."

When the Air Force dumped Blue Book they were in a position where they would never again have to put up an Air Force spokesman to make up a wild explanation of how some major UFO sighting the night before was explainable by some natural phenomena.

In Canada, the Air Force and government got out of public UFO investigation about the same time as in the states. The Canadians, however, never got back in. There has never been any major leaks, no intelligence officers telling stories of things going on behind the scenes. It would appear they got out and stayed out.

In the United States, exactly the opposite took place, and it all started with the Presidency of Richard Nixon. In 1973 military officials contacted two film producers in Los Angeles, and asked them to produce a government sponsored UFO documentary. The documentary would tell the public the story that the government not only knew there were UFOs, but that they had actually interacted with the aliens on more than one occasion.

The government would in effect get out of the frying pan in 1969, and in 1973 not only get back in the frying pan but jump right into the fire. The disclosure of UFO truths, however, would be carefully controlled. It would be a plan that worked so well it is still being used today to mold our UFO world view.

If you look back about what we believe regarding UFOs, you will find what we believe is not an accumulation of things we have discovered, but things that have been leaked to us. Consider crashed saucers and dead aliens which were largely pushed by a series of unnamed sources who approached Len Stringfield in the mid 1970s. Consider the notions of an MJ-12 cabal and a captured live alien that were leaked to Bill Moore and Stanton Friedman in the early 1980s. Consider our notion of Area 51 which was leaked by Lazar and a couple other sources who claimed to have worked inside the base. We have been directed to believe what we now accept as fact.

The Plan

Almost from the beginning of the modern UFO era, there have been strong indications that the cabal behind the UFO cover-up have performed a duel role of both releasing and covering up key parts of the UFO story such as crashes, communications with the aliens, and recovered dead and live aliens. The two elements are then mixed with disinformation and a lot of confusion to prevent anyone from confirming any important part of the UFO story. That has always been the plan.

An early example of this can be illustrated in a story told by Ward Kimball at the 1979 MUFON conference. Ward was a close friend of Walt Disney, working as one of the nine original key animators in the Disney Company.

Kimball stated in his MUFON presentation that the USAF had approached Walt Disney in the mid 1950s requesting that Disney do a UFO documentary to acclimatize the public to the fact that we were being visited by extraterrestrial beings. The officers approaching Disney stated that he would be provided with UFO film from government archives that could be used in the film to help convince the people that UFOs were extraterrestrial.

Disney accepted the offer and began to produce the documentary. Near the end of production, however, the USAF notified Disney that the film would have to be withdrawn. Disney was forced to finish the UFO documentary without the film. The message got out and the cover-up remained intact.

As bizarre as the Disney UFO story is, it has a second part. It occurred when famous British photographer, Mike Maloney visited the Disney Company in 1972. The story he told in 1995 hints at the fact that the Disney Company might just have gotten possession of some of the secret UFO footage, and wanted Maloney to do something with it in Britain.
Maloney stated that while in Los Angeles he had dinner with the head of the Disney Studios, and four of the nine original Disney animators. Ward Kimball was one of the four at the table. During the encounter Maloney was introduced to a “well known Disney employee” who offered to show him some unusual film footage. What Maloney ended up seeing was "old footage of UFOs," and "two beings that he was told were aliens."  British UFO researcher Georgino Bruni described what Maloney told her about the alien footage.

One, which appeared to be dead, was laid out on a table - or slab, the other was clearly alive and moving around on the floor. He was given no information as to the source of the footage, which he was told was “top secret", but he was in no doubt that it was a genuine piece of old film. Mike described it as being similar to the alien autopsy footage that had been shown on television. At no time did he say it was the same, just similar. Of the footage he personally viewed, he said: ‘If the film that I saw was a fake, it was a brilliant fake.’

The Maloney encounter with the alien footage in 1972 was only one event of a number of key events during the 1970s that appeared to be attempts to mold the world view of UFOs for generations to come. The rumor was that this plan was set up by Richard Nixon and that it was sidetracked by Watergate. The events that have been named as part of this molding include Close Encounters of the Third Kind and the NBC TV show The UFO Project. The key event however was the Holloman Alien Landing story, which I think is one of the most important events in UFO history.

The Alien Landing at Holloman

The Holloman story is not a crashed saucer story as such but it is a critically important story because I believe it forms the basis for understanding the MJ-12 leaks of the 1980s and the 3,000 plus pages known as the Majestic Documents that began to be leaked in the 1990s.

The story of the film is that it is the real life story of the movie Close Encounters of the Third Kind. The government figures out how to communicate with the aliens, and the aliens are directed to Holloman Air Force Base where they are greeted by base officials. The whole event is captured on film.

I believe that a full understanding of the Holloman film story would lead to a full understanding of how the government has chosen to deal with the UFO mystery behind the scenes.

I believe the attempt to release the Holloman film was orchestrated by Richard Nixon. Nixon will probably always be seen as simply the President who was brought down by the Watergate scandal. Almost everything else he did and everything he was interested in will be forgotten.

My study of the Holloman AFB story and the Nixon presidency, however, has led me to believe that when the true UFO story is finally revealed to the public, Richard Nixon will be a key player in the story of UFO disclosure and the Holloman AFB story will go down as the first real attempt to be upfront with the American public about what the government really knows.

If you have read what I have written about Nixon, you will know that there are many rumors about the fact that Nixon was fascinated with the subject of UFOs. We have the famous story how Nixon made it possible for comedian Jackie Gleason to view dead alien bodies at Homestead Air Force Base. This is a story that was first told by his second wife Beverly McKittrick, and which she has reconfirmed as being true twice in the last year.

There is a story from a very reliable source I know that Nixon actually showed some visitors pictures of dead aliens that he had in a filing cabinet in the White House.

K.T. Frankovich, a friend of Nixon, who lived near his key Biscayne southern White House, described Nixon’s interest in UFOs in a long interview with me.

He would just like to sit out on the back porch and just watch the bay - Key Biscayne Bay, and so forth. The stars would come out and the conversation would go to psychic, and then there would always be the question “Do you believe?” I would always say, “Yes, what are you crazy?

Question: In terms of psychic or UFOs?

UFOs. I would always say yah. I would always say, “What – Are you nuts? You can’t be stupid enough to believe that we are the only beings, and he would kind of chuckle. There would be questions like “What do you think they are like?” Just normal conversations and curiosity – but he never let on that he had seen Homestead – at least not to me.

The Holloman story started in 1973 when Robert Emenegger and his partner Allen Sandler were approached by the Pentagon to produce a series of documentaries on advanced projects in the military such as 3-D holography, cancer research, lasers, and the like. As a side note to these subjects, the officials also made a request for a documentary on UFOs.

Emenegger was a skeptic on UFOs but thought “Oh well.” He had no idea of what was about to happen. Emenegger had been working as an advertising executive in Los Angeles, and told me he had also worked on the 1972 re-election campaign for Richard Nixon even - though he confessed “I didn’t do anything.” The work on the re-election campaign was the only reason Emenegger could come up with as to why he had been picked for the government sponsored UFO documentary.

Emenegger, however, did have some background that fit nicely into an attempt by the government to mold the UFO story, and he did have a direct contact to President Nixon.

Emenegger had applied in 1968 to work for the United States Information Agency, which had been formed by President Eisenhower in 1953 to “centralize foreign information dissemination programs.”

The application he put in for the job stated that he had “specialized in the study of motion pictures as an instrument of propaganda – and its influence on public behavior.” He had written his graduate thesis on “The Influence of Motion Pictures on Human Behavior.” He appeared to be a perfect candidate for getting across the government message on UFOs.

In addition to his educational background Emenegger had a very strong link to the Nixon White House. He listed on his application one reference for the job – Bob Haldeman- President Nixon’s Chief of Staff who had been a member with Emenegger at the same UCLA fraternity.

One of the key government officials who negotiated the UFO documentary on behalf of the government was Col. Bill Coleman, who had been the Project Blue Book Liaison from 1961 to 1964. He later went on to produce the NBC TV show Project UFO for two years in the late 1970s.

Emenegger described the initial approach which was made during a visit to the military audio visual repository at Norton Air Force Base in California.

We went to Norton Air Force Base to discuss other things, among them 3-D moving holography, laser and cancer, all of the R&D advance research – ARPA kind of projects, and the UFO thing was brought up to us, which I just couldn’t believe, but said “Oh well - I’ll go along with it.” And one conversation led to another, a contact with the Pentagon. Everyone couldn’t have been more open about what we were doing. Anyone along the line could have questioned, and said – and I expected them to say, “Like - what the hell are you guys talking about?”

The man at Norton responsible for pulling the Holloman film and giving it to Emenegger and Sandler was Paul Shartle, the Security Manager and Chief of Requirements at the Defense Audio Visual Archives which was stationed at the base.

Years later on a show called “UFO Cover-up…Live” Shartle stated he had viewed the film and described what was on it,

Shartle: I saw footage of three disc shaped crafts. One of the crafts landed and two of them went away.

Question: Why did it land?

Shartle: It appeared to be in trouble because it oscillated all the way down to the ground. However, it did land on three pods. A sliding door opened. A ramp was extended and out came three aliens.

Question: What did they look like?

Shartle: Well they were human size, had an odd gray complexion and a pronounced nose. They wore tight fitting jump suits, thin headdresses that appeared to be communications devices, and in their hands they held a translator, I was told. A Holloman base commander and other Air Force officers went out to greet them.

Emenegger and Sandler took the film and started preparing the government’s documentary on UFOs about the stunning interaction at Holloman Air Force Base.

Some of the negotiations related to the documentary script took place at the Pentagon. Emenegger told me that when they went there everyone seemed to know who they were. They didn’t even have to sign in at the Pentagon entrance. They just walked in.

We headed for the Pentagon and we walked into the building – I remember the two of us, and for some reason we were sort of herded by two plain clothes men into a little narrow room with fluorescent lights over it and I just remember, and some man sitting behind a desk and he pointed at us and he said “We’re very concerned about you bringing up the subject of UFOs. He said it causes when people like you put these things on the air it causes the phone lines – it ties up our phone lines. It is not part of our assignment, our duty, our national defense”, and on and on. I was under these fluorescent lights watching these three plain clothes men. I thought I was going to die there for a minute.

But again my partner had enough sense to say “Heh! We were invited by Mr. Hatch by Colonel Coleman, and they said “Okay, well just a warning.” So we went of to meet Colonel Coleman. Now he’s the one that looks like Hemmingway with the beard walking through the E-ring at the Pentagon. The first thing he says to us was, “You know if you come across information or technology which is against the interest of our national defense- you can be fined and imprisoned.” So it was like warning #2.

Then we went into his inner office, and a strange thing happened. He said, “Come on boys. Sit down. Let me tell you something.”

Emenegger told me that he was a skeptic on the subject of UFOs and he was surprised at how no one disputed the story of aliens landing and talking to base officials at Holloman. He said the conversation was no different than negotiating any other film he had ever obtained.

Well they all had a chance. As a matter of fact, you know, one of our agreements was to go over the script at the Pentagon, and if there was any question about anything they had the right to ask about it. Strangely enough, no one even questioned the thing about the landing at Holloman Air Force Base - like, “Well OK.”

The two producers were passed from person to person in the Pentagon, and everyone seemed serious and laid back about the project.

It all unfolded. One would call another. For instance Coleman said “Hold on” as we were sitting in his office. He would put a call into (General) George (Weinbrenner) and say, “Do you want to talk to these guys?” A day later I think we went down into the bunker, and there confronted George. I couldn’t have – I think I was pretty straightforward. First question was, “What about the landing of the alien craft at Holloman Air Force base.”  He kind of went “Yah, well, I’ll tell you.”

Emenegger went ahead with the UFO documentary and like Disney just before they were to proceed they got a phone call from Coleman saying the government had changed their mind and they would not be allowed to use the Holloman alien segment in the documentary. Like Disney they were forced to use recreations about an incident that might occur in the future, even though they knew it had occurred in the past. The film was transported back to the Pentagon.

Emenegger and Sandler were given other explosive things for the documentary such as the story of Francis Swan that I discussed earlier. Arthur Lundahl allowed himself to be interviewed by Emenegger and confirmed that the story had taken place. He wouldn’t appear on camera though, and the film producers were left with just another story.

Emenegger stated that they were given many other films as well, which were also pulled. One example was,

We were given a film - Top Secret- it was still Top Secret on it – Quintanilla’s name was on it, of a launching at Vandenberg of which three cameras followed the one missile take-off. Behind it you saw two little white - looked like transparent moons sort of just trailing and following it their way but from every camera - no matter what position - so it wasn’t a reflection. We had Bob Baker who was the guy who did the 1952 Robertson Panel guy. Anyway Bob Baker was very well known at that time. So he came in and analyzed it and said it’s a million to one that it’s anything but - its not Venus - it’s not a reflection - it’s this - it’s unknown stuff.

I asked Emenegger is he thought President Nixon was behind the attempt to disclose using the documentary. Emenegger said that this was a possibility and that after the film was pulled he had even asked his friend Bob Haldeman if he knew anything about the landing of aliens at Holloman. In a Q& A session in a Houston lecture, Emenegger spelled out his belief about what had really happened when asked if he had been used to acclimatize the public on UFOs.

Q: Are they trying to slowly get our minds ready?

A: As to why they pulled that. I can’t really tell you. It was during the end of the Nixon regime. I even ran into Bob Haldeman who I knew, who was in our fraternity at UCLA, but was ahead of me, and I remember having a conversation if he had ever heard about a landing at Holloman Air Force Base. He kind of said he kind of remembered something, but that didn’t go anywhere.

I don’t know if it was a complete concerted effort to cooperate with us, or if someone at the very last. I assume there are people – I understood there was one General who wasn’t particularly happy about what we were doing, and he could have stopped. As what happens in a lot of cases you go up to a point and you go up to your commanding officer and he says “don’t go any further with it. I will handle it.”

Robert Emenegger asked Colonel Coleman why the film had been pulled many times. Each time he asked Coleman would have a different answer. He stated that it had been pulled because the camera crew had used special lenses that they didn’t want the Russians to know about. On another occasion he stated the government didn’t have diplomatic relations with the aliens, and therefore couldn’t release the film. At one point according to Emenegger,

Bill once joked with me, “One day I'll take you out on a boat and tell you what it really was, but then afterwards, I'll have to kill you.”

There is much more I could say about this amazing story but let me end the Nixon segment by saying that in a conversation with Linda Howe she told me that during a visit to Emenegger in Los Angeles he had showed her a letter that he had received from President Nixon.

What Linda recalled the letter indicated that Nixon knew exactly what was going on and he was thanking Emenegger for his part in the documentary. As Emenegger had never discussed this, I immediately phoned Bob and asked him if he had gotten a letter from Nixon. He said that he did, but he thought the letter had more to do with his work for the re-election campaign, “even though” said Emenegger, “I didn’t do anything.”

I immediately filed a Freedom of Information request with the National Archives and they confirmed they had material in the Nixon files on Emenegger. Alas, when the material arrived, the letter Emenegger confirmed receiving had gone the way of the missing 18 minutes on the Watergate audio tape.

The missing letter did; however, seem to confirm that it could not have been a simple letter thanking Emenegger for the re-election effort. There would have been no reason to destroy that one.

President Jimmy Carter

Other Presidents have tried to release the UFO story to the American public. Jimmy Carter, for example, asked for the hidden UFO files when he received his intelligence briefings as President elect. The briefing was given by George Bush senior who told him that if he wanted the files he would have to go to the House of Representatives Science and Technology Committee to get them declassified.

Carter was determined to get the UFO truth to the public, but his ability to release was limited by national security considerations which he had promised abide by related to UFOs. Carter explained the situation in one interview.

I don’t see any reason to keep information like that secret but there may be some aspect of the UFO information with which I am not familiar that might be related to some secret experiments that we doing that might involve our national security –our new weapons systems. I certainly wouldn’t release that. But if it was something removed from our national security, in my opinion as President I would go ahead and release that. I see nothing wrong with that.

Contrary to the prevailing opinion that President Carter did not fulfill his promise to release the UFOs files, the record shows  that Carter did go to the House and was able to expose the classified files if only for a day.

The person that got to see the files on behalf of the President was Daniel Sheehan, who at the time the Chief Council to the Jesuit Headquarters in Washington D.C.

Sheehan had originally been contacted to obtain the Vatican UFO files for two studies on UFOs that President Carter had requested.

I was contacted by Marcia Smith, the head of the Science and Technology Division of the Congressional Research Service, to see if I  as chief counsel for the United States Jesuit Headquarters in Washington D.C.  International Social Ministry Office could obtain access to the Vatican Library section that had the information about extraterrestrial intelligence and the UFOs in the Vatican Library in Rome. I agreed to do that as a special consultant to the Congressional Research Service.

After two attempts Sheehan was unable to get the files for the presidential studies, but he was given a second project by Marcia Smith who was writing the report.

Sheehan was asked to give a lecture to the top 50 SETI people inside the Jet Propulsion Laboratory on the “Religious Implications of Extraterrestrial Contact with Earth.”

In order to prepare for the lecture Sheehan requested the classified Blue Book files for review. Marcia Smith worked on the request and Sheehan was eventually told to report to the basement of the new Library of Congress Madison Building. Sheehan described what happened.

Back in 1977, when I was asked to participate as a special consultant to the Library of Congress research group analysis for President Carter, I was given access to the Project Blue Book files – the classified sections of them - during the preparation for a seminar which I was asked to present to the top 50 scientists at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in California in the SETI program. In that context I was allowed to review the classified sections of the Blue Book Project.

In that section I came across absolutely clear pictures - photographs -of a UFO that was on the ground. It had apparently crashed. It was stuck in the stuck in the side of an embankment. There was snow all around in the photographs, and there were United States Air Force personnel in the photograph measuring this particular craft - taking photographs of it.

Sheehan reported the two studies were completed by Marcia Smith, and that he got to read them before they were sent to the House Science and Technology Committee. The first one on extraterrestrial intelligence concluded that there were visiting ET races.

She (Marcia Smith) went forward and supervised two of the final studies. The first study reached the conclusion – this was an official United States government Congressional Research Service report that was prepared by the Congressional Research Service Science and Technology Division and sent to the Science and Technology Committee of the House of Representatives, who in turn sent it to the President. In this report they concluded that there were from two to six – at least- from two to six highly technological intelligent civilizations other than on our planet here in our galaxy.

The second study on UFOs, according to Sheehan, stated that a certain percentage of UFOs represented these two to six extraterrestrial races.

And secondly, they prepared a full report on the UFO phenomena. It actually had diagrams of all the different shaped UFO craft that were there, and in fact projected that it appeared to be that in a certain number of cases, and they indicated that from 5% to 6% of these cases – of these sightings – that there was absolutely no other rational explanation for these phenomena, given the caliber of the witnesses, the caliber of the collaboration of the sightings, to lead to any other conclusion than the fact that they appeared to be coming from one or more of these two to six extraterrestrial civilizations in our galaxy.

There was further confirmation that Carter did get the UFO facts, but was unable to release it to the public. This came from a comment made by Carter’s friend, actress Shirley MacLaine, when she appeared on the Larry King Live Show in May of 1995.

Actor Nicholas Cage had been on the David Letterman Show a couple weeks before, and during his interview he stated that Shirley MacLaine had told him that President Carter had told her that he had gained access to the crashed saucers and dead alien bodies.

When MacLaine appeared on Larry King Live she was faced with a question about what Cage had said. In reply to the question which came from a Florida caller Shirley stated that Carter had tried but couldn’t release the information.

"He told me many times that when I first wrote "Out on a Limb" that he would support me, that it was true, that there were occupants. Why should we be the only people in the universe? He wanted to shine the sunshine laws on intelligence, to expose it, to see how the people would react, but he didn't and wouldn't and couldn't, as he explained to me."

Another confirmation of the fact that Carter did get to the UFO secret and was unable to release it to the public came from a story that was being researched  a few years back by PBS in Washington D.C. The story centered on a man by the name of Jack McGeorge who was a counter terrorism specialist and secret service agent inside the Carter White House.

According to the story that had been researched by Harry Lebelson, then the UFO editor at OMNI magazine, McGeorge claimed to have been in a UFO briefing that had been give to President Carter. Shortly before he died, Lebelson gave a lecture in which he told the McGeorge’s story of what happened inside the Carter UFO briefing.

Jack McGeorge was a member of the Special Forces Green Beret who now runs a school for the anti-terrorist tactics, and for the preparation of presidential body guards. I came to know Jack McGeorge vicariously through one of my contacts. This contact, also a member of the Special Forces Green Beret, had been in Vietnam, and when returning from Vietnam after serving his time went into the reserves. Camp Drum was a location in which members of the Green Beret Special Forces were trained at least twice a year just to keep up their proficiency. It was at one of these training sessions that lasted about two weeks that my contact met Jack Mc George. Jack McGeorge and he immediately took a liking to each other and became fast friends. They would go out drinking at night. Jack McGeorge held an incredible position in the Carter White House. He was advisor for National and International Terrorism and his office was located one floor below that of Jimmy Carter. What’s unique about Jack McGeorge is that he also a member of the Secret Service, and he was the first member of the Secret Service other than the head of the Secret Service to ever have witnessed a presidential briefing on UFOs.

The reason that Jack McGeorge was allowed in the presidential briefing is because during his tenure at the White House he had struck up a friendship with Jimmy Carter. Carter considered him a close friend and confided in him on confidential matters at least twice a day. So upon Carter’s insistence despite of protestations from the National Security Agency, McGeorge was admitted to the briefing session on UFOs given to Jimmy Carter. There were two briefings given to President Carter and Jack McGeorge attended at least the initial briefing.

McGeorge told my contact basically what goes with the briefing and I would like to give you that information to the best of my ability. Once the President was in the room seated at a table - McGeorge at another table. A member of the NSA would give an overall briefing on the phenomena stating its historical characteristics and bringing it up to the present time. At that point a number of documents describing the evolutionary habits of the beings, the reasons they were here, and other matters of that consequence were shown to Jimmy Carter. The next thing to be shown to Jimmy Carter was a 15 minute film taken at Holloman Air Force Base in which UFO inhabitants and military personal made physical contact. It was a color film. After that that would be followed by some more briefing and talks by National Security people, and basically that was the end of the briefing.

President Ronald Reagan

Like Nixon it appeared that Reagan had attempted to get out some of the UFO facts using back door clock and dagger methods.

About the same time Reagan was coming into office a researcher by the name of Bill Moore was publishing the first revealing book on the Roswell crash called “The Roswell Incident.” The topic was suddenly popular and Moore gained a lot of credibility for his research efforts.

While Moore was on the speaking tour for the book he, like Disney and Emenegger before him, received an offer to of UFO information that would help to unravel the mystery for the public.

Greg Bishop, a close friend of Moore’s, and a speaker here last year, described how the contact was made.

As a result of these books, and him going on some kind of publicity tour for them, he was called at a couple places on his trip by somebody at a nearby Air Force Base. Once in Omaha Nebraska, and once when he was in Albuquerque. And it turns out that the person who called him when he was in Albuquerque and said “You know we think you really know what you are talking about and we would like to talk to you.” -that person was Richard Doty it turns out to be. He set up a meeting with Bill Moore. What a lot of people don’t know is that the first time they met. He met in an Albuquerque restaurant with this guy that became known as the Falcon, and he will still not divulge this person’s real name. Neither will Richard Doty or anyone else.

This guy (Falcon) who turns out to have worked for the DIA – Defense Intelligence Agency which is like the military CIA. He presented Moore with a deal. He said, “If you will cooperate with us,” (and he didn’t tell him what that cooperation was- the nature of it) “then we will give you what you are looking for which is UFO information from the government – as much as we can release to you, and we will do that over a period of years if you cooperate with us.”

And he (Moore) said “well OK, I guess so - it sounds good – sure.”

In an interview on Bishop’s radio show, Moore described how the game of getting UFO information from the government was played.

You know when you are approached and essentially recruited into something and you’re given a choice - you’re either in or you’re out. You really don’t know what you are getting into because they don’t really tell you very much about you are getting into. It’s sort of a step thing. It’s one step at a time. You just get lured in further and further into it, and at any point you can get out of it – and if you do you do. That’s the way it is.

Q: There’s no such thing as you are in so far you can’t get out?

Well I don’t know about that. There wasn’t for me. I was a little bit careful about how I did things. But in any case you are faced with a choice like that and someone says “We would like you to involve yourself in this counterintelligence thing,” basically that is what it was, and you have a choice – either you are in or you are not in.

If you are not in you don’t know anything. If you are in then you seen where it goes. Well, of course what do you do? I chose to go with it. I guess I’m really glad I did. If I had it to do over again I would probably do the same thing, and I think most people would if they were approached in the same way I was and given the choice would have opted into it. Virtually any UFO researcher worth his salt would have. Why me? – I don’t know. I didn’t make that choice as to why me. I had the choice to make – Yes it will be me or no it won’t be me.

What came out of Moore’s contact with the government were a number of important things about how the government had covered up and controlled the ET presence. The main thing Moore received that people here would know is the MJ-12 document and the Cutler Twinning memo.

Many have concluded that this document is a fraud, and yet many of the same researchers accept the concept described in the document of a small cabal, independent of the government. The MJ-12 concept has become a key component of the modern Ufological world view, based on a leaked document. Prior to the MJ-12 document, ufologists believed it was the Air Force that was running the show.

Say what you will, we have had a number of confirmations of the MJ-12 group from a number of different sources. Let me add one that you won’t have heard.

Earlier this spring while speaking at a convention I was approached by a man and his girlfriend. I was told by the man that he worked in the National Archives in the classified vault. He stated that his girlfriend was very interested in UFOs, and that in being around the field for a while he had become interested in the MJ-12 document controversy.

Having a blanket Q clearance, and being the guy who actually declassified the documents, he be began to watch for documents that might talk about MJ-12 or documents where MJ-12 was noted as being in the distribution list for the document. He asked me where he should look to find such documents.

I really couldn’t answer his question so I asked Stanton Friedman and passed on what Stan recommended. When I was speaking at the X-conference in Washington I arranged to meet with this man and his girlfriend. We met at the National Archives and went to meet his girlfriend. We spent a whole evening discussing the search for MJ-12.

He told me a number of things which add to our understanding of MJ-12,

  • The MJ-12 designator is not on a classified list of designators. It would therefore be releasable if found.
  • He had not yet found a document, and if he did he would only declassify it if it did not have any other security restrictions.
  • He had all the other members of his team promise they would alert him if they found a document with MJ-12 on it.
  • Although he had not yet found any MJ-12 documents, he did have a friend who had done declassification on the records of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. This man stated he had seen documents with MJ-12 on them. I was given his first name.
  • He stated that he had been up to the stacks and his opinion was that the Cutler Twinning document appeared legit. He stated many reasons including the fact that the document had been put in a plastic sleeve, indicating that the archives was treating it as a legitimate document.
  • Asked if he believed there were people in the archives searching for MJ-12 documents to destroy, he said no. Based on his years in the vault he believed there were still some MJ-12 documents scattered about.

So, was the MJ-12 concept part of an effort by the Reagan administration to release information and mold the ufological world view? Consider the following stories that seem to support that notion.

In 1983 Robert Emenegger, who had produced the UFO documentary UFOs Past, Present, and Future in 1974 for the government was approached again by Colonel Coleman. Coleman stated that the government wanted Emenegger to do another UFO documentary.

Emenegger immediately asked who was behind this new plan. Was this coming from President Reagan? Emenegger stated that there was no denial and no answer. Once again Coleman and others made offers of all sorts of films that the government wanted released to the public.

In an interview with me, Emenegger told me about the new UFO documentary offer. He was directed to meet with the two top men at the Defense Audio Visual Agency (DAVA) at Norton Air Force Base who were offering up the UFO films. Both men were Reagan appointees and rabid UFO buffs. One of the men, General Glen Miller, turned out to be the man who had gotten Reagan his first acting job in Hollywood. Emenegger described the encounter.

You do now – I don’t know if it was in the book maybe not – that during the Reagan administration I met with Bob Scott and Miller. At Norton, and they wanted another program like we had done, and we spent a lot of time discussing it. Bob Scott was a Reagan appointee. He was the head of USIA when I first met him – Bruce Hershenson – I don’t know if you know who Bruce was in Washington? That’s how I knew him. Then he popped up as the head of DAVA – that film repository. He had a Glen E. Millar, retired General, as his aide, or second in command. We spent a lot of discussion about- there was stuff in the vault that he wanted to get out. I even had General Miller come to our house to meet Hynek and his group to take them out to Norton so they could look around. Miller was, interestingly enough, was head of one of the studios in Hollywood – one of the old ones, and got Reagan his first contract.

The catch to this documentary deal was that government officials wanted J. Allen Hynek and Jacques Vallee to be involved in the documentary and to give it their blessing. Emenegger described Hynek being brought to Norton and being offered the film.

Anyway, after Hynek came here, and he wanted to see UFO footage, and I think they started pulling it out, and Shartle came in stepped in – now I hope you have the characters correct. Miller said to him, “I want you to show Hynek all the UFO footage.”

Shartle told me that he said, “I’m sorry, Sir, you know – you will have to give me a written request for that.”

The answer came back, “Listen, I’ll have your ass. You’re going to do it.”

I was not there to know all this craziness that went on, but I do know that three months later Casper Weinberger sent a telegram relieving both Scott and Miller of their posts. Why I don’t know. I don’t even know if it was related.

Vallee, however, was “negative and skeptical” about the offer to release the UFO films being offered by Miller and Scott. He and Hynek felt that if the government wanted the film released all they had to do is go and offer it to an organization like the National Academy of Sciences. They felt that the offer of the UFO films was another attempt by the government to mislead the public, and they refused to buy into the conditions that had been set out by General Miller and Colonel Coleman. Without the support of Vallee and Hynek the deal fell apart and the documentary was never finished.

Linda Howe was another researcher who was offered films, exclusive interviews, and documents. Like Moore she was told the story of MJ-12. These offers were made starting in 1983 as well. She dealt with many of the same people that Moore and Emenegger were dealing with.

Linda had just produced an Emmy Award winning documentary, A Strange Harvest, on the cattle mutilation phenomena that was haunting the farmers in the western United States. Through a series of contacts she was called for a meeting in the Kirkland Air Force Base office of Air Force Office of Special Investigations Special Agent Richard Doty.

At the time of her contact with Doty she was preparing a UFO documentary for Home Box Office (HBO). He intended to interview Doty related to some UFO events that he had been involved with. What she got was something much different.

She stated that Doty began the interview by telling her that “government people” in Washington were very upset with her cattle mutilation documentary. Then after asking Linda to sit in a chair situated in the middle of the room, he presented her with a document that purported to be a UFO briefing document for the President of the United States.

He (Doty) said my superiors have asked me to show you a document that you can read. You cannot take notes, and I want you to move from the chair you are sitting in – I want you to move to the chair in the center of the room…but as I look at that page which was dramatically all caps, typing where the type is in the paper. It said - each line was centered on the page- “BRIEFING DOCUMENT FOR THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA ON THE SUBJECT OF UNIDENTIFIED AERIAL VEHICLES.”

In addition to this document Doty offered Linda thousands of feet of black and white and color film “between 1947 and 1964 showing crashed discs and extraterrestrial bodies.” In addition she was offered the now infamous Holloman Air Force Base film for use in the HBO documentary.

Just like Disney and Emenegger, there were delays in producing the film. Doty then stated the historic film could not be released until a future date because of “political delays.”  Without the promised film, HBO pulled the plug on the UFO project. When confronted Doty stated the government would still like to release the Holloman and crashed saucer films, but do it through PBS as they had better control over that network. Howe told me how the government planned to control the documentary she wanted to do.

They don’t want me to go forward with HBO. They want me to go forward with PBS. Well in this process he is saying how much would you take, and would you be willing to work exclusively on a military base?

And I remember saying, “Look, if you guys want to hire me to edit film and be part of a production that says this is a production of the United States government, I’m happy to do that. But I’m not going to put my name on a film that I have done if everything about it is 100% controlled by the United States government. I can’t do that.

Howe had many offers from other branches of the government during the Reagan administration. They all claimed they wanted the UFO truth to get out. At one point she even got an offer to an exclusive interview with the last surviving member of the MJ-12 group.

Well I think he was an original MJ-12er, and I believe he would have been the last on the list of the original twelve. That is my understanding of who somebody was trying to get me to meet with. I am saying I was supposed to have had a dialogue with one of the original MJ-12.

After writing his best selling 1987 book Communion Whitley Strieber was contacted to communicate a similar message to what Linda Howe and Robert Emenegger were given. Whitley told what he was offered and why he chose to turn it down.

I was approached by a retired officer from the Air Force Office of Secret Intelligence with all kinds of stories, about how the government had taken 16mm film of an alien that they had done an operation on in 1952 which enabled it to talk through otherwise atrophied vocal cords. A story that struck me as . . . I wouldn’t have written it as fiction because it was too ridiculous. They tried to make me believe that aliens had claimed that they had something to do with creation of Jesus Christ and all sorts of ridiculous things which if I had gone out into the public with would have make me look like a fool.

The live alien story was pushed early and often during the Reagan administration. It was also the theme of the movie ET: The Extraterrestrial, which was screened for Reagan at the White House in 1982.

Most people know that near the end of the screening Reagan leaned over to Spielberg and stated, “I bet there aren’t six people in this who room who know how true this whole thing is.” There were 37 people in the room presenting some of the most powerful people in the country.

A couple months after the ET screening, Reagan pushed the idea a bit further when he traveled to the old Army Air Base at Roswell New Mexico. There in front of the west hanger where it was rumored they had stored the Roswell crash bodies before flying them out, Reagan made a campaign speech for Apollo 17 astronaut Harrison Schmitt where he made a passing reference to ET in the opening lines.

It is not surprising then that researchers were approached during the Reagan years and the point was hammered home – we had and still do have a live alien.

Bill Moore for example was being told that the government had a live alien that had actually written a book called the Yellow Book which told the history of the alien interaction on earth throughout history.

Linda Howe was first told of a live alien that was recovered in a 1949 crash in her April 1983 meeting with Richard Doty. A few years later she received an interview with “the keeper” of the first captured live alien. This military officer had actually lived with a live alien captured in a late 1940s UFO crash. He died in 1952, and the officer had been with him the whole time. Like Disney, Emenegger, and others the interview deal was pulled at the last moment.

It was in all these discussions about my being able to go to where this man was in a hospital in Texas with prostrate cancer to talk with him directly, because I said even if I could tape record him, this is too valuable. Those were real discussions. In that process this man was identified as one of people so valuable because he was able to get these telepathic thoughts.

Q: This was an offer made to you. Is Richard Doty making you this offer?

No it came in a completely different way. It came in a FedEx proposal to me – where I would go – who would meet me – How I would be able to interview a man who was dying and who had stayed with the Eben at Los Alamos.

I got an airline ticket! I had an airline ticket!

Q: You bought it or they bought it?

I bought it. He was dying of prostrate cancer in a hospital in Texas, and I was so serious from this communication that I got an airline ticket – paid for it to go. It was I think the night before the morning I was to leave I got a call that said “We’re sorry – he says it’s off.”

And I said “Why?” And he says “He just says it’s off.”

Robert Emenegger was being offered an interview, by Paul Shartle who had been in charge of the UFO films at the DAVA, with a live alien which was being held in New Mexico.

That’s not right. You’re right. Someone did say you can meet an alien down in New Mexico.

Paul Shartle once asked me if I would be interested in going down to like New Mexico, to meet with- you know- some alien. This sounds like what you are talking about, although it never came about.


The examples I have shown about how the various White Houses might have built our world view of UFOs through various leaks are only the tip of the iceberg. There are scores of other examples such as the thousands of pages of leaked documents that Bob and Ryan Wood are now researching.

I will let the Woods tell the story of what they have got, and how it ties into an official policy to slowly disclose the history of government handling of the ET presence.

Most of the Majestic Twelve documents were leaked under the Clinton administration. I have not yet found an indication that Clinton had anything to do with it. There are no stories I am aware of that indicate Bill Clinton had been given the UFO truth. This is despite the fact that many things happened during the Clinton administration which shows that Bill and Hillary had a strong interest in the subject. Some examples are;

  • Webster Hubbell stated in his 1997 book “Friends in High Places” that Clinton had asked him to go out and investigate UFOs.
  • The Roswell book “UFO Crash at Roswell” was found in Bill Clinton’s personal library during the Monica Lewinski investigation.
  • Clinton talked more about UFOs than any other President. On my website I have an article called “President’s UFO Talk” in which I refer to at least 26 incidents during the presidency that Bill or Hillary Clinton spoke publicly about UFOs or aliens.
  • Both researchers William LaParl and Derrel Sims claimed to have been approached indirectly by Hillary Clinton looking for UFO information.
  • Clinton had an understanding of UFO history. One example of this is that he was familiar with the Reagan alien invasion remark and brought it up many times. To a group of schools for example he said, “If we were being attacked by space aliens, like in that movie, "Independence Day," we'd all be looking for a foxhole to get in together and a gun to pick up together. The absence of a threat sometimes causes us to lose our sense of focus, our center, our concentration... And what I'm saying is -- you all laughed when I said this before, I referenced that movie, "Independence Day" -- but, you know, if we were being attacked by space aliens, we wouldn't be playing these kind of games. These kinds of games are only possible because the economy is strong and the American people are self-confident...”

Yet despite the remarks it appears that Bill Clinton may not have been fully briefed on the subject. According to a remark quoted to long time Washington White House reporter Sarah McClendon, Clinton reportedly stated when asked why he didn’t do something about UFOs, “There’s a secret government within the government and I don’t control it.”

So who’s briefed?

So if Bill Clinton wasn’t briefed who was and what are they told. Ford and Bush Sr. have admitted off the record that they were briefed. They have further admitted that the Holloman Air Force Base film was part of the briefing.

Richard Nixon almost certainly seemed to have been apart of effort to get the Holloman film out into the public, so it appears that the showing of the Holloman film at the presidential UFO briefing was his idea. Nixon definitely knew what was going on.

Harry Lebelson stated independently that he had been told by Secret Service agent McGeorge that the Holloman film was part of a Carter UFO briefing. Carter therefore did get told some of what was going on after forcing the issue. He attempted to get it out but couldn’t.

Reagan had two personal UFO sightings, and made the bizarre comment about how few people knew that ET: The Extraterrestrial was a true story, so I am sure he was told at least some of the story. One source, Jon Hunter, told me, however, that Reagan had told him that (like Clinton) he had no control over it.

George W. Bush made a joke about the UFO link to Roswell when he was visiting there in January of 2004, so he must have received some of briefing telling him what was going on. I doubt, however, that he spends more than five minutes a month thinking about the subject.

I change my opinion often on the subject of presidential UFO knowledge. What I would say today is that all the Presidents except perhaps Clinton knew the basic facts of what is known about UFOs and crashed saucers. Based on the fact that Carter, Reagan, and Clinton all reported said they had no control over what was being done, I would conclude that the President is bound by many factors, such as security oaths and a lack of public interest and support, which keep him quite and subservient on the issue.

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