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Written by Grant Cameron   
Thursday, 13 August 2009 00:41

It was Saturday evening, November 15th, at the recent Crash Retrieval Conference hosted by Ryan Wood in Las Vegas Nevada. A dozen attendees had gathered in Greg Bishop’s room on the 12th floor of the Sunset Station Casino for a party he was hosting.

On of the many attending was James Moseley, editor of the famous UFO publication Saucer Smear.             

He had dropped by for a couple of drinks and to overhear the latest gossip in the world of UFOs. Jim brought his famous camera that had taken many an incriminating picture for his UFO magazine. He was hoping to collect new pictures for the upcoming edition of his newsletter.

For Jim it started as a wonderful party. It ended up being a night from hell.


Jim had been taking pictures of the first two days of events. This included the Friday news conference, the Friday "Meet the Speakers" event where people like John Lear wandered around, and the  Saturday speakers.He had collected the material he needed to do his expose on the Vegas convention. You could see the wheels turning as he planned his upcoming dissection of the conference.

Then the film vanished like Mr. X who first sent Jamie Shandera the original MJ-12 document in December 1984.

Nick Redfern had been taking pictures of Lisa Davis and Jim Moseley together.

The film was finished and Nick handed back the camera to Moseley who went to put in a new film. He opened it and realized the film was gone. This single ten-inch piece was all that came out of the camera.


Moseley was at first puzzled, (just look at the expression on his face) but this turned to anger very quickly. As those in the room laughed, Jim began questioning people about who had removed the film. No one had the answer he was seeking. He reminded everyone that it was impossible for the film to have disappeared.

It was at this point the fireworks began.

The mystery was never solved. The next morning at the Sunday session of speakers, he was still outside the lecture hall trying to unravel the film’s disappearance.

A careful investigation of story and name collecting was conducted. The lineup of suspects include the following, 


Greg Bishop: A very likely suspect even though he was on the other side of the room most of the time. Greg, author of "Wake Up Down There!" and the upcoming book "Project Beta: How US Intelligence Created an Alien Invasion", spoke at the convention on the Paul Bennewitz affair. He showed new pictures of Moore and Doty, so maybe he needed Jim’s pics for his collection, or his website

Greg remains a key suspect because of his close association with arch Moseley protagonist Bill Moore. Weeks ago, in fact, Greg interviewed Moore for three hours on radio. This is the first time Moore has surfaced in almost a decade.

Image20 Peter Robbins – Peter was another of the convention speakers. He spoke on the questionable suicide of James Forrestal. Perhaps he knew the inside story of the questionable loss of Jim Moseley’s film.

Robbins spent most of his time talking to Greg Bishop, either a sign of a joint conspiracy to get the film, or he was checking out the possibility of becoming a "bird" in the Avairy.


Matthew Williams who spoke on the "British Area 51" pretended to sleep through the whole party. This innocent looking guy spends much of his spare time sneaking into some of Britain’s most secure underground facilities.

Matthew also spoke on the infamous British computer hacker Matthew Bevan. Need I say more? His pockets should have been checked before he left the room.

Image22 Nick Redfern who spoke on Cosmic Crashes: UFO Crashes in Britain was a likely suspect. He took the last two pics (of Lisa and Jim) just before the film disappeared. Just look at the grin on his face, and think carefully.

The fact that this guy has a pile of authored books under his belt goes to show he is no dummy.


Jonathan Downes – Jonathan spoke on Puerto Rico UFO Crashes, and his experience with the Chupacabra animal deaths that were reported there while he was there doing a documentary.
A loveable teddybear who never left his chair, (even the girls came to him) Jonathan  is the only one removed from the list of suspects.

Lisa Davis, is the director of the web site THEDOORISOPEN devoted to "decipher on a spiritual level what the UFO/Abduction phenomena means to us at this time." Unpublished photos of her and Moseley make her the most likely MJ-12 operative.


Kenn Thomas: Who spoke on the strange 1947 crash at Maury Island near Tacoma Washington. Kenn, who is the editor at Steamshovel, is a man who has researched and written on conspiracy. Perhaps anticipating a slow news day Kenn decided to create a new conspiracy.

He appeared to be on the other side of the room when Jim discovered the film was gone, but with an excerpted chapter from a book by Adam Gorightly featured on his present online edition called "The Prankster and the Conspiracy..." He remains on the main list of suspects.

Did Jim Moseley have incriminating photos in his camera that someone needed destroyed? Was one of the people in the room a member of MJ-12, determined to prove to Jim that things do go bump in the night? Did Jim himself set up the whole incident as a publicity stunt? It appears we may never know.

Like the UFO mystery there are things that remain secret and unsolved. The investigation continues. Perhaps some day someone will get the missing film in their mailbox and we may be able to get to the bottom of this mystery. If not, at least we will be able to see the pictures that caused the mystery in Vegas.



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